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Code of Conduct

The Nootka Elementary School Code of Conduct has been developed over the period of several years with input from our whole school community staff, parents and students. Our Code of Conduct is updated to include relevant language and to meet the needs of our school community. It complies with BC Ministry Of Education guidelines and the BC Human Rights Code and has been approved by the Vancouver Board Of Education. It applies to all Nootka staff, parents, guardians and students.

Last Updated: Spring 2014

(text only- see below for pdf documents in Chinese, Vietnamese and English)



We ...

clean up after ourselves and help to keep

our building and school grounds clean.

use class and library materials with care

—— and return them when they’re due.

reduce, reuse and recycle.

respect any artwork that’s on display.

use inside voices within the building.

demonstrate good audience behavior.

use washrooms only for their intended

purpose. We flush, wash our hands and

leave as soon as we’re done.

save gum for home because it tends to

make a mess at school.

keep the hallways clear so that everyone

can move about easily, especially those

with mobility challenges.


We ...

come to school on time, ready to work

seek to demonstrate a positive attitude.

eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and

get plenty of sleep at night.

dress appropriately and avoid negative

message clothing.

stay home when we are sick.

take care of our belongings and leave

valuable items at home.

keep any portable electronic devices that

we bring in our backpacks unless they are

to be used at the direction of staff.

In addition, students are expected to:

follow directions given by any member of

the school’s staff.

stay on the school grounds during breaks

unless you are going home for lunch.


We ...

treat others how we want to be treated.

are courteous and polite.

listen, share, take turns and cooperate.

use words to solve problems peacefully.

keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

are friendly and inclusive.

help to break down the invisible walls

that can sometimes divide us.

are team players and good sports.

avoid wearing strong scents and bringing

food with nuts to school. (Some people

have serious allergies towards them.)

get permission before taking someone’s

picture or posting any photos online.

think before we post anything online,

remembering that everything on the

Internet is permanent and public.

play safely at all times.

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