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Our Staff

1 Ms. C. Pavao 7
2 Mr. C. Train 5/6
3 Ms. K. Henderson 4/5
4 Ms.J. Marshall
5 Ms. P. Jeram 3/4
6 Mr. M. Ng 2
7 Ms. A. Micozzi 1
8 Mr. A. Swain Kindergarten
9 Ms. C. Wall District Primary Autism Program Teacher
10 Ms. J Tasai Gr. 4 District Mandarin Bilingual Program Teacher
11 Ms. C. Ou Yang Gr. 5 District Mandarin Bilingual Program Teacher
12 Mr. Fan Gr. 6/7 District Mandarin Bilingual Program Teacher

Ms. L. Lauzon

Ms. A. McKend

Ms. C. Nanji

Resource Team

Resource Team

Wednesdays only

Ms. K. Ng Librarian/Resource Team/Prep Teacher
PE Prep -Tues (am),  Wed. & Thurs Ms. S. Tong
Mr. G. Manery

Area Counsellor (Wednesday a.m. and Friday all day)


Youth and Family Worker (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Ms. L. Curameng School & Student Support
Ms. A. Lou Antonio School & Student Support - Ms. K York in for Ms. Antonio
Mr. B. Dhasi School & Student Support
Ms. C. Maglaya School & Student Support
Ms. V. Masih School & Student Support
Ms. J. TymosSchool & Student Support
Ms. M. Anis
Ms. H. Kaur
Ms. M. Tabuchi
Ms. C. Dsouza
Ms. N. James 
School & Student Support Autism Program School & Student Support - Autism Program

Ms. R. Grills

Ms. C. Mgbemena

Speech & Language Pathologist (Fridays)

Alternative Augmentative Communication - Speech & Language Pathologist

Ms. T. Smith Office Administrative Assistant
Ms. J. Munk  Principal / Current Acting Principal - Ms. P. Morgan
Ms. R. Crouch Public Health Nurse
Mrs. J. Chahal Supervision Aide
Ms. L. Both  Supervision Aide 
Mr. R. Jayco Engineer
Mr. J. Hwang Afternoon Custodian

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