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Our Staff

1 Ms. C. Pavao
2 Ms. A. Diesvelt
3 Ms. P. Jeram
4 Ms. L. Atkinson
5 Ms. M. Ng
6 Mr. A. Swain
7 Ms. A. Micozzi
8 Ms. E. Clarke Kindergarten
9 Ms. C. Wall District Primary Autism Program Teacher
10 TBA District Mandarin Bilingual Program Teacher

Ms. L. Lauzon

Ms. S. Scott

Ms. C. Nanji

Resource Team

Wednesdays only

Ms. P. Lowe Librarian/Resource Team/Prep Teacher
PE Prep (Tues,  Wed, Thurs) Ms. S. Tong
Mr. D. Manery

Area Counsellor (Schedule TBD)

Mr. Doug

Youth and Family Worker (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Ms. V. Rios School & Student Support
Ms. L. Curameng School & Student Support
Ms. A. Lou Antonio School & Student Support
Mr. B. Dhasi School & Student Support
Ms. C. Maglaya School & Student Support
Ms. V. Masih School & Student Support
Mr. P. Mabee School & Student Support

Ms J. Tymos

Ms. M. Anis

Ms. M. Tanaquin

Ms. S. Kang

Ms. K. Moore

School & Student Support Autism Program

Ms. R. Grills

Ms. C. Mgbemena

Speech & Language Pathologist (Fridays)

Alternative Augmentative Communication - Speech & Language Pathologist

Ms. T. Smith Office Administrative Assistant
Ms. A. Hughes Principal
Ms. R. Crouch Public Health Nurse
Mrs. J. Chahal Supervision Aide
Ms. M. Ahluwalia Supervision Aide
Mr. J. Pulido Engineer
TBA Afternoon Custodian

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