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Ready to Garden

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As a result of funding for more outdoor activities during COVID-19, we took advantage of the outdoor education grant and created a new learning space for the school community. At recess and lunch, the outdoor classroom is one of the busiest areas on the playground and the children can be seen inspecting the new growth in the planters, enjoying the rock benches for visiting with friends, reading a book, playing games or just hanging out.

A year ago, children and staff were all excited to be able to start planting and tending to our gardens. Classrooms each have their own planter box and we have some boxes dedicated to indigenous species. Families signed up for a summer watering schedule and, although we had an extremely sizzling summer last year, we did have some crops to harvest due to the time and care that everyone took to come to school, daily, to tend to our plants. A year later, with the generous donations from Westcoast Seeds and the Urban Roots Giving Garden, we are ready to start our planting again and will be asking families to help maintain the planters with watering this summer.

Our final piece to the outdoor classroom and gardens has also now arrived at the school. This year, we applied for the VSB’s sustainability grant to be able to purchase materials for a compost bin. During spring break, one of our families built the composter and, thanks to our grounds department, we expect to have it installed within the next week or two. Mia and her family spent time over the break following the plans, using power tools, and putting the bin together for our school community.

As they say, it takes a village! Well done Trudeau Community – our outdoor classroom and school gardens could not have been possible without everyone participating!

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