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Student Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEW: “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg

 Girl Online - Wikipedia

By Jasmine Vicente

“Girl Online” is a fictional romantic drama novel by Zoe Sugg. This novel is about a girl named Penny who makes an anonymous blog to write about her feelings and all the boy drama that is happening in her life. She never really had a friend to talk about all this to, therefore a blog was a good thing for her. She got to share her feelings with others and relate to other blogs. In the story Penny goes through some tough relationships and has some hard times with social media. But at the end she gets more confident and puts her past behind her with new good friendships. I really liked how the author was very descriptive and it helped visualize what's happening in the book. I also never knew what would happen next because of all the turns in the plot.

BOOK REVIEW: “Luna” by Julie Ann Peters

 Luna by Julie Anne Peters   Text Box By Mick Takhar 

BOOK REVIEW: “Ranger’s Apprentice” by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice Group Read | 75 Books Challenge for 2019 ...

By Sasha Serin

“Ranger’s Apprentice” is a book of medieval fiction by John Flanagan. “The Ruins Of Gorlan” Takes place in a little hut down the hill from the kingdom of Red-Mont. This book is about Will and his friends who are waiting to get their job at the big castle. When the ceremony came for all the fifteen year-olds Will was not selected by any of the masters because of how small he was. Finally at the end of the ceremony, Will was selected by the mysterious Ranger. He taught Will the ways of the Ranger. Will started to like being a Ranger and could shoot a bow and arrow, throw knives and blend in with his surroundings. I really liked this story because of all the fun, adventures and excitement. I highly recommend reading this book. So far it has been my favourite book of the year.

                               Book Review: "A Dogs WaHome" by W. Bruce Cameron                                                                      

By Joshua Samaai

“A Dogs Way Home” is an adventure genre book. It is written by Bruce Cameron. The story is about a dog named “Bella,” a pit bull. Bella is the main character. She is a determined dog who will do anything to be with her owner. The story took place in Denver, Colorado, where pit bulls were banned. Bella was separated from her owner. So, Bella’s owner, Lucas, had no choice but to send Bella to multiple different relatives away from Denver. Eventually, Bella had to be set free due to an eviction to the person Bella was being cared by. Bella went on an adventure meeting different animals and people. Bella had one goal, and it was to find her way back to Lucas. I enjoyed this book a lot because it was told from a dog's perspective. It made the book more interesting to me. I would recommend this book because it could inspire and show people that working hard towards your goal can be worth it in the end.

Book Review: “ Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School” by Jeff Kinney


By Jonas Repayo

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School” is a fiction book by Jeff Kinney. The book is about Greg And his friend Rowley who are  forced to go to a summer camp in the middle of the woods to a place called “Hardscrabble Farms” and how it goes horribly wrong in many directions and how they manage to escape and go back home. This book has a lot of silly funny parts but some are action-packed and some are a little scary that is why it is my favourite book. I have had it since 2016 and I have read it every year from then.

Book Review: “ Thea Stilton and the Tropical Treasure" by Elisabetta Dami