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Clubs are a key component of any vibrant school. They provide opportunities for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. These interactions may form the basis for enduring friendships. Clubs also help students develop critical skills such as interpersonal communication, collaboration, initiative and tenacity.


Clubs can meet before school, during lunch, or after school, but not during class time or during morning or afternoon Flex Time.


Please use the Microsoft Teams platform. Your Club Sponsor can set up a Club Team for you. Your Club Sponsor must be present for all meetings.


In-person meetings are permitted if the following safety protocols are followed:

  • Club Sponsor must be in attendance.
  • All participants must wear a mask at all times.
  • As stated in documents from the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Vancouver School Board… “secondary students can socialize with peers in different Learning Groups/Cohorts if they maintain physical distance.” Therefore, Club participants must maintain physical distances of 2 meters from each other. The maximum number of participants will be dictated by the size of the meeting space/room.
  • Participants must thoroughly wash, or sanitize, their hands before joining the meeting.
  • Sharing of materials/tools is not permitted.
  • Sharing of food/drink not permitted.
  • Visitors/guests from outside of the Point Grey Secondary community are not permitted.
  • These guidelines may be modified as the school year progresses. Updates will be publicized.

Activities and Events

The Club Sponsor must be present at all club activities and events. No exceptions. If you are considering an activity or event, please submit an Application for Club Event Form (available in the office) to Mr. Humphries at least 10 school days prior to the event/activity. All advertising posters for an event/activity must be stamped in the office and signed by the Club Sponsor. Remember… many traditional club activities and events will not be possible this year. Some clubs may wish to suspend operations this year due to COVID-19 constraints.


In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, most fundraising activities will not be permitted this year. Selling of food/beverage/items will not be possible. Fundraising will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please complete an Application for Fundraising Form (available in the office) and submit it to Mr. Humphries (Vice Principal) at least 10 school days prior to the proposed event.

Note for Clubs Involving Athletics

Prior to any play, a “VSB Return to Play” Form (Stage 2) must be completed by the Club Sponsor and submitted to the Athletic Director and School Principal.

Service Hours and Service Points

Only approved service clubs qualify for service hours and points. Within these clubs, service hours must be carefully recorded and verified/approved by the Club Sponsor. In some clubs the core leaders may accumulate service hours and points, while the general membership does not (see each club listed below for specifics).

Recruiting Club Members

Clubs Day is not possible this year. L As a replacement, Clubs are permitted to “advertise” their club on the lockers along the 2nd floor hallway between the Main Office and the Library. Each club is permitted to use up to 3 lockers along the “Clubs Hallway.” Displays must not extend more than 10 cm into the hallway. Displays are permitted (encouraged) between October 28 and November 10. Please take down your display on November 10.

Please include the name of your club, a brief description, contact information, and a meeting day, time and place (plus some enticing creativity).

Clubs information will also be posted (and updated) on the Point Grey website under the “Extracurricular” tab.

Club Report (mid-year)

In order to remain in good standing, all clubs must submit a Mid-year Report in January. This Report will summarize club meetings, activities and progress, and show how the club has been of benefit to the students of Point Grey Secondary, and/or the community beyond. A Mid-year Report Form will be available in January. Please submit this report to your Club Sponsor, who will then sign off and submit it to the office. Clubs that do not show clear progress through their Mid-Year Report will be asked to suspend further meetings, activities and events.


Club members are reminded to show gratitude towards your club sponsor. A regular, genuine “thank you” is all that’s required. This is an important part of maintaining a positive school culture.

Clubs (alphabetical list)

ACG Music Club
Adopt-a-Street Club 
Alpha Club
Art Club
Badminton Club
Biology Club
Book Club
Cancer Research Club
Chess Club
Computer Science Club
Creative Writing Club 
Dance Club 
Dessert Club
Engineering Club
Film Club
Food Bank Club
Games Club
Girls Who Start Club
Gender Sexuality Alliance Club
Guitar Club
Healthcare Foundation Club
History Club
Homework Club / Peer Tutoring Club
Interact Club
Investment & Entrepreneurship Club
Japanese Culture Club
Math Club
Mental Health Advocates Club
Microloans Club
Multicultural Club 
Mural Project Club
Music Outreach Club
Mystery Club
Philosophy Club
Recipe of the Month Club
Reconciliation Equity Diversity Inclusion (REDI) Club
STEMission Club
Sustainability Club 
Table Tennis
Tennis Club
Trading Club
Ultimate Club 
Wellness Club
World Politics & Debate Club
World Vision Club

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