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Clubs are a key component of any vibrant school. They provide opportunities for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. These interactions may form the basis for enduring friendships. Clubs also help students develop critical skills such as interpersonal communication, collaboration, initiative and tenacity.


Clubs can meet before school, during lunch, or after school, but not during class time or during morning or afternoon Flex Time.


Please use the Microsoft Teams platform. Your Club Sponsor can set up a Club Team for you. Your Club Sponsor must be present for all meetings.


In-person meetings are permitted if the following if the Club Sponsor is in attendance.

Activities and Events

The Club Sponsor must be present at all club activities and events. No exceptions. If you are considering an activity or event, please submit an Application for Club Event Form (available in the office) to Mr. Humphries at least 10 school days prior to the event/activity. All advertising posters for an event/activity must be stamped in the office and signed by the Club Sponsor. 


In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, most fundraising activities will not be permitted this year. Selling of food/beverage/items will generally not be possible. Fundraising will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please complete an Application for Fundraising Form (available in the office) and submit it to Mr. Humphries (Vice Principal) at least 10 school days prior to the proposed event.

Service Hours and Service Points

Only approved service clubs qualify for service hours and points. Within these clubs, service hours must be carefully recorded and verified/approved by the Club Sponsor. In some clubs the core leaders may accumulate service hours and points, while the general membership does not (see each club listed below for specifics).

Recruiting Club Members

Clubs Day is on Friday, October 7 (afternoon) in the cafeteria. This is a great opportunity for clubs to advertise and recruit members.  Please make sure that your display includes the following:  the name of your club, a brief description, contact information, and a meeting day, time and place, and a sign-up some enticing creativity.  Clubs information will also be posted (and updated) on the Point Grey website under the "Extracurricular" tab.

Club Report (mid-year)

In order to remain in good standing, all clubs must submit a Mid-year Report in January. This Report will summarize club meetings, activities and progress, and show how the club has been of benefit to the students of Point Grey Secondary, and/or the community beyond.  Your Club Sponsor will receive the form, who will then sign off and submit it to the office once completed. Clubs that do not show clear progress through their Mid-Year Report will be asked to suspend further meetings, activities and events.


Club members are reminded to show gratitude towards your club sponsor. A regular, genuine “thank you” is all that’s required. This is an important part of maintaining a positive school culture.

Clubs (alphabetical list)

Adopt-a-Street Club - clean up areas surrounding the school
Anime Club - promoting Japanese culture
Art Club - to foster a community interested in art
Badminton Club - to promote the sport of badminton
Biology Club - to provide support to current biology students
Board Games Club - to create a place to relax and introduce board games from different countries
Book Club - to encourage fellow bookworms to share their opinions on assigned books
Business - Investment club - to give students a basic knowledge of investment
Cancer Research Club - to raise awareness and fund raise for cancer research
Cantonese Club - to celebrate and share Cantonese culture
Chat Chat Club - to help students make friends and talk to new people in a fun way while playing board games and getting to know one another
Computer Science Club - to provide a place where students can learn about interesting concepts, discuss technological trends, and associate with like-minded peers.
Creative Writing Club - to share ideas and techniques that will influence the writing of our club members in a positive manner
Crochet Club - to help others crochet and create a sense of community and belonging
Dance Club - to gather individuals who have a passion/interest for dancing
DND Club - to create an environment for students to form friendships as they play dungeons and dragons
Drama & Film Production Club - to help students learn about drama and film production. 
Engineering Club - to provide a place for students passionate about science and technology to congregate
Film Club - to enrich the lives of students by introducing them to a variety of films
Food Bank Club - to create awareness around poverty and to aid the Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Grad Committee - to organize Grad events
GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) Club - to celebrate  the LGBTQ community and raise awareness
Hand Me Down, Raise Me Up Club - to build a platform which we can help readers connect with each other while redistributing old books to others and donating the profits to worthy needs.
Improv Club - to teacher students improve and play drama games
Journal Club - to inform our members as well as other students at Point Grey about important  global and local issues
K Pop Club - enjoy K-Pop music in a group setting
Lunch Buddies - to provide social opportunities for Lifeskills students to have activities and conversations with same aged peers
Mahjong Club - to spread Chinese and Japanese culture and offer beginner level tutorial for Japanese mahjong and apply mathematical knowledge of group theory and game theory.
Math Club - to provide and support students with concepts and discuss contest questions with peers and further expand knowledge of math and challenge students with advanced contests.
Media, Marketing & Culture - to examine, media, marketing and culture
Mental Health Club - to explore mental health in ourselves and peers
Multicultural Club - to help students  learn to appreciate cultural diversity by hosting a variety of events.
Music Outreach Society - to allow lovers of music to be able to perform, practice and improve their musicality in a fun and positive environment and offer concerts to staff and students.
Peer Tutor Club / Homework Club - to pair tutors and students to help with understanding and completion of schoolwork.
Philosophy Club - to try to understand the true meanings of the worlds and societal interactions
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Club - to spread the awareness of animal cruelty and the prevention of animal cruelty
Recipe of the Month Club - to introduce a new, healthy, low-cost meal/snack recipe each month, discuss the benefits of the meal/snack, the required grocery lists, and then have the students try it out themselves at home and share their own recipes with club members
Reconciliation Equity Diversity Inclusion (REDI) Club - students collaborate on initiatives that raise awareness on current issues affecting marginalized communities, celebrate the diverse student population and find solutions to problems that students may be experiencing
Rotary Club - to provide and support a variety of causes
Scorekeeping Club - to score keep at basketball and volleyball games
STEAM Club - to provide opportunities for students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and their intersections with Art
STEM Club - to provide opportunities for students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 
Sustainability Club - to educate students on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and how it can be achieved
TED Ed Club - to foster students presentation skills and find an idea they would like to explore
Trading Club - to organize a community for those interested in finance, business and investment through a series of fun and creative discussions, projects and stock simulations
Ultimate Club - to provide students who are interested in exploring ultimate frisbee and to build a community and a sense of belonging with the sport 
Wellness Club -  to destigmatize mental health and talk about mental health issues as well as other topics about wellness and society that can branch off from mental health.  We want to create and open space for conversation.
Writer's Outlook Club - to support students who need help with writing, especially longer and more advanced pieces of writing such as essays
World Vision Club - to aid communities on a local and global scale

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