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Course Planning

Every student will have an individual timetable that is structured within the framework of facilities, staff availability, time allotments, graduation requirements and student choice. Timetabling of student choice is done by computer. There is a wide choice of courses offered, and periodically a "conflict" may occur when two requested courses fall in the same period. These conflicts will not prevent development of a graduation program, but may affect choice within a subject area. Every effort will be made to provide students with the requested courses.

Students in Grades 11 and 12 who are interested in post-secondary programs usually must meet specific program requirements that go beyond Ministry minimums. All students need to take note of post-secondary prerequisite courses when making longer-range plans. 

Parents who have questions about course selection are invited to contact the appropriate counsellor. There will be a Course Planning Night for parents at the school in late Jan./early Feb. of each year.  Please consult the current calendar to confirm the exact date.

All students in Grades 8 through 11 will take eight courses.

All students in Grade 12 will take seven courses; the eighth can be a Study Block.

Please consult our Course Planning Guide for details about courses, programs and more, including information on graduation requirements, athletics and clubs.  You will find descriptions for all of the courses offered at Point Grey Secondary School in this booklet.

For each grade, there is a different set of courses from which to choose.  Students in each grade meet with their counsellor in late January/early February to learn about these choices, the course requirements of that grade, and the timeline for the course selection process.  Course Planning Forms are completed, signed and submitted to the appropriate grade counsellor before the end of February.  Please see below for details, grade-by-grade. 

Grade 8:  Grade 7 students select courses on the Grade 8 Enrolment Form distributed at their elementary school, or received in our school office in the case a student has been accepted for enrolment, but does not currently attend one of our three in-catchment elementary schools (Kerrisdale, Quilchena, Southlands).

Grades 9 - 12:  Students in each grade complete and submit the Course Planning Form for their next grade after discussion with their counsellor.  This form outlines requirements, choices and makes note of the precise due date for the current year.  Grade-specific Course Planning Forms can be accessed below.  In addition, Course Planning Presentations made in early February to parents at our Course Planning Night, and to all students in the grade, are included.  These presentations provide comprehensive details about the course planning process:

Grade 9:   - Course Planning Form for the Gr. 9 Year, 2020

                     - Course Planning Presentation Gr. 8 to 9, 2020

Grade 10: - Course Planning Form for the Gr. 10 Year, 2020

                      - Course Planning Presentation Gr. 9 to 10, 2020

Grade 11: - Course Planning Form for the Gr. 11 Year, 2020

                      - Course Planning Presentation Gr. 10 to 11, 2020

Grade 12: - Course Planning Form for the Gr. 12 Year, 2020

                      - Course Planning Presentation Gr. 11 to 12, 2020

Summer School and Distributed (On-Line) Learning

                   - Letter of Intent to Enrol in Summer School

                   - Letter of Intent to Enrol in an On-Line Course

                   - Letter of Intent to Enrol in Summer School - International Students

                   - Letter of Intent to Enrol in an On-line Course - International Students

 Planning for the Graduation Program

(Please note:  The new 2018 Graduation Program will be fully implemented by 2020/21.  Until then, some subtle transitions are reflected in the first document below.  Please consult the Ministry of Education website for details, or see counsellors for clarification)

                   - Graduation Program Course Checklist

                   - Graduation Program Three Year Planning

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