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Ms. Baker

Jean Baker received her B.Ed from UBC in 2003 and started teaching in elementary schools.  In 2007, she started teaching high school mathematics.  Ms. Baker wants her students to become effective learners.  She wants them to know more about themselves and to equip her students to become learners who can tackle any endeavour.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the outdoors and learning about personality theories.

Ms. Benson

Mara Benson has been teaching at Point Grey for over 25 years.  She has taught courses in Math from grade 8 all the way through to grade 12 in both the regular and enriched streams.  While she enjoys the personal challenge of a trigonometric proof, her favorite topic to teach is linear functions in Math 10.

When Ms. Benson isn’t discussing the wonders of pi(e) in the classroom, she can be found on the Ultimate field with a cup of coffee in hand…

Mr. Brion

Born:  A few years ago
Education:  Learned a few things along the way
Profession:  Teaching a few things
Advice:  "Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can"
Mantra:  "How 'bout them Cowboys"

Mr. Foster

Mr. Foster teaches junior math at PG.  He is passionate about providing opportunities in the classroom for students to talk with each other about the math concepts.  His daily classroom routines encourage effective communication, social, and critical thinking skills using math concepts to guide the discussions. Please visit Mr. Foster’s website,,  for upcoming assessments and practice assignments.

Mr. Lai

Find Mr. Lai in room 220 and chat with him!

Mr Lai's Webpage - Mr. Lai

Ms. Wang

Sarah Wang is a junior and senior Math teacher at Point Grey. She enjoys teaching all levels of Math and hopes that students will learn to like Math just a little bit more than they did before they started. She enjoys cycling around the city enjoying the sunshine in the summer or hitting the slopes snowboarding in the winter.

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