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September 10, 2021

Students were given out forms in homeroom on Wednesday September 8th. Please make sure that these forms are filled out, signed and returned to the trays in front of the main office as soon as possible.

The forms are:

1) Emergency Medical Information Sheet

2) VSB Media Consent Form

3) PW Informed Consent for Local Community Activities Form

4) PW Data Collection Form

5) Emergency Reunification Form - a copy of this must be picked up from the trays inside the office.

Student and Parent Daily Health Assessment - this does not need to be signed or returned to the school, however students and parents/guardians should do the health check daily before coming to school. Alternatively, families can use the Provincial Health website/app.

Please visit and fill out the other forms online. Please make sure you are entering your child's PEN and not their student number. Alternatively, you can login by clicking on "VSB staff and student sign in here" and entering your child's VSB email address and password. It appears that there are issues with using Microsoft Edge, please try using Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Thank you for your cooperation, it is important that we have all families return/submit all of the forms posted here.

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