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Library / Learning Commons

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 PW Library Learning Commons  – to access digital resources you will need your student number or staff email username ( and email password.  Also check the All Students@Prince of Wales TEAM Library channel for additional resource help sheets. 

Open Monday – Friday everyday school is in session.

  • Morning:  8:10 am – 8:40am 
  • Lunch - 11:50 - 12:20pm
  • Afterschool – until 3:30pm most days

Please adhere to these PHO guidelines:

  • Wear your mask at all times while in the Library.
  • Sanitize your hands BEFORE you enter
  • Sign in with your name, student number and time for contact tracing if necessary.  No need to sign out.
  • Social distance (as much as possible) and limit the number of items you touch when browsing books, using computers, tables and office supplies (e.g. stapler, hole punch etc.).
  • Be patient – if the Library is at capacity (30 max.) you will need to wait and line up outside.


We are constantly adding new books, audiobooks, Ebooks so make sure you login to access the material.  If the screen is green, you can only browse since you are NOT logged in (once logged in it turns blue and will have your name at the top).

We have a network of computers with access to resources such as a full text magazine index, and electronic encyclopedias as well as WIFI access for student's own digital devices.  You can also use these resources from your home when you login.  You will also need to authenticate again using username: 39pw and the "secret password".  Come and ask if you have forgotten.


Monitors can apply in the fall – check your All Student Team, Student bulletin and PA announcement for the application deadline. Or you can come and ask us too!  You should be able to commit to at least two 1/2 hour shifts a week. These are some of your duties:

  • Sign materials in and out using the Follett automated circulation system.
  • Shelve materials and tidy shelves.
  • Check that materials are in the right place and in the correct order and pull material for teachers and students.
  • Assist students with printing, scanning and online searching.
  • Benefits:  Volunteer hours and first access to all the “New Reads”.


We need Community Service students!  Please see a Teacher-Librarian if you are interested.

Duties include:

  • Circulation tasks
  • Books displays
  • Processing new library material
  • Clerical tasks using word, spreadsheets, receiving invoices, answering phone etc.
  • Book repairs – with archival material
  • Supervision and training of volunteers monitors

Ms. A Brett and Mr. D. Smith (Semester two only), Teacher-Librarians

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