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Sign In - Sign Out Procedures

Arriving Late & Leaving Early

It is very important that you sign your child in should you arrive after 9:15 and that you sign your child out should you leave with your child prior to 3:00.

In the case of an emergency, we need to be able to account for everyone in the building and as we take attendance at 9:05, anyone arriving after this time who has not been signed in at the office will not be accounted for.

Additionally, if you have left with your child before 3PM and not signed them out, we will assume that that child is still on site and will have to account for them.

Thanks so much for your support with this important safety matter.

Procedures for Late Arrivals and Early Departures

Arriving after 9:15

  • Go to the office with your child and sign them in
  • Proceed to the classroom / gym / outdoors to join the teacher and other students
  • Please DO NOT send you child in unaccompanied if you have arrived after 9:15

Leaving before 3PM

  • Go the office and sign out your child
  • Proceed to the classroom / gym / outdoors to collect your child
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