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Our Staff

Division Grade Teacher
1 Intermediate P. Ho
2 Intermediate K. Smith
3 Intermediate K. Fielden
4 Intermediate M. King
5 Intermediate S. Kuzmiski
6 Intermediate/Primary J. Mackay
7 Intermediate/Primary W. Vanderwoerd
8 Primary M. Catlin
9 Primary N. Senga
10 Primary M. Atkinson
11 Primary M. Miles
12 Primary K. Johnson
13 Primary E. Lau

Teacher Librarian K. Lam
Learning Support L. Bromley, A. Klassen, A. Mehra
PE A. Klassen, A. Mehra
Student Support D. Reimer, S. Soldan, G. Weir, Y. Akisada, K. Gossen, V. Mussellam, S. Murray, J. Tysoe
Office Admin E. Schneider, L. Breen
Engineer/Custodial A. Abram, L. Manacap
Supervision Aides Asel, Shino, TBD
Area Counsellor P. Pijanowski
Speech and Language Pathologist R. Hanson
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