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Code of Conduct

Keeping Our School Safe, Healthy, Happy and a Productive Place to Learn


Parents are their children’s first teacher and the strongest role models for positive and appropriate behaviour. The purpose of this code of behaviour is to establish and maintain a safe and caring environment with clear expectations and responsibilities.

We Learn to be Safe, Helpful and Polite…Caring and Sharing…Respectful and Responsible

  Be Safe Be Helpful and Polite Caring & Sharing Be Respectful & Responsible
Outside Stay on School Grounds Line up quietly with your class (“Perfect 4”) Invite  and include others when playing Follow the instructions of all school staff
      No throwing rocks,  pinecones or sticks Share equipment When you cannot solve a problem yourself ask an adult for help When you play be kind, polite, and fair
Use equipment safely  
Leave nature outside Use garbage cans or recycle bins Teach others the rules of your games Play safely & include others
With each other Keep hands and feet to yourself Say “Please” and “Thank you” Be honest Listen to the person who is speaking
Calmly talk problems out Help those in need Encourage others Respect the property of others
Leave toys, trading cards and sports equipment at home Take turns Say nice things to each other One person speaks at a time
Inside Report to the office if you are late Line up quietly for your lunch Use “inside” voices, remembering that others are trying to learn Give others the gift of quiet so they may work
Walk in the hallways Follow lunchroom rules Use bathrooms respectfully
Be quiet in hallways at all times

Unacceptable Behaviour 

Unacceptable Behaviour includes bullying, aggressive play (including pushing, hitting, kicking…), disruptive behaviour that interferes with our learning community, offensive or demeaning language, excluding others, damaging school property and any racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour. 

Consequences for Misbehaviour

The principal, vice-principal, teachers and support staff of Roberts Annex Elementary School have agreed upon the following process to address student misbehaviour.

Staff person will speak directly to the child. A short time out may be required.

The staff person may arrange for the student to have a time out at recess or lunch after filling out a problem solving sheet.

The child is asked to go speak to the vice-principal. School may call the parent. Suitable consequence may be applied. 

Very serious or repetitive misbehaviour will be recorded and parents and officials or other agencies such as the District may need to be contacted.

The school will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of a code of conduct. 

The severity and frequency of unacceptable behaviour, as well as, the age and maturity are considered when determining appropriate consequences.

Rising Expectations

As students become older, they are expected to be role models, taking increased responsibility for their behaviour. 

Roberts Annex promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law – prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation – in the school environment.

How Parents and Guardians Can Help

  • Discuss this pamphlet with your child.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher or call the school if you have any concerns.
  • Make sure your child is on time for school.
  • Monitor home reading program.
  • Read to/with your child every day.
  • Provide on-going support to your child’s teacher.
  • Call the school at 604-713-5495 when your child will be absent.
  •  Keep scooters, skateboards, shoes with wheels, and rollerblades off school grounds between 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Who You Can Call on for Help or Information: 604-713-5495

  • Adrienne Stewardson - Vice Principal
  • Allison Kerr - Principal
  • Andrea Mullin - Office Administrator

School Song


At our Roberts Annex School
We try our best
We work at great activities
Playing with the rest of our classmates

Come along sing our song
Sing it soft and sing it strong
We help out, that is our rule

At our Roberts Annex
At our Roberts Annex

At our Roberts Annex School

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