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Shaughnessy Elementary marks the school’s past, present and future

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On Wednesday June 19, Shaughnessy Elementary students and staff revealed a tile work project and provided a time capsule "sneak peek" in anticipation for its centennial celebrations later this year.

Led by Ms. Carla Pace, Grade 5 teacher at the school, the tile project consists of ceramic tiles affixed to a four-sided column. Each side has a different theme: Students & Learning, School & Community, Indigenous Honouring and Shaughnessy Heritage.

Waves of hearts encircle the column, representing Reconciliation. All current students and staff members participated in the glazing of 228 tiles for the pole to commemorate Shaughnessy's 100th year anniversary. Each tile underwent five rounds of glazing which took thousands of hours to complete following many hours of design, painting and stenciling.

"Every day, students from different divisions would come to our classroom to glaze," says Nikki, a Grade 5 student. "It was like having buddies in the class every day!"

She explains that now that the tile pole is done she and her fellow students all feel really proud to be part of this 100-year anniversary project. "We all helped to create this special tribute to our Shaughnessy community."

Principal Souther also offered students, staff, alumni and students' families in attendance sneak peek at the 100-year-old time capsule.

"This time capsule was recently removed from a wall, down the staircase," explained principal Souther. "It was placed there when the school was built and we are all very excited to see what's inside!"

The time capsule was discovered after the parents doing research for the centennial celebrations came across a Weekly Gazette article from September 1919 in which detailed the laying of the foundation stone by High Royal Highness, Edward, Prince of Wales. A small mention of a time capsule encased in the wall was included. The school was actually built around it!

The tile unveiling event was also attended by the school's trustee-liaison, Estrellita Gonzales and District superintendent Suzanne Hoffman, centennial planning committee members Sabrina and Chelsea, along with members of the District's trades team, who were vital in extracting the time capsule and fashioning the tiles to the column.

Centennial celebrations, scheduled for September 21, 2019, will include a ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the school, originally known as Prince of Wales Elementary and Secondary. In addition to fully opening the time capsule, students will lead tours of the school, including visits to decade themed classrooms as well as a classroom acknowledging Indigenous cultures and a concept classroom-of-the-future.

Stay tuned for more details about the #Shy100 celebrations throughout the summer months.

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