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Poppies and feathers of Remembrance at City Hall

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For the past seven years, Carla Pace and her grade 5/6 class at Shaughnessy Elementary place handmade poppies across the field of City Hall to honour and remember those who have served and continue to serve our country. Pace writes about the history and significance of her annual art installation project for Remembrance Day: 

Scattered across the fields of green at City Hall are thousands of handmade poppies in different colours. There are red feathers to acknowledge Indigenous veterans and orange feathers to honour those who survived residential schools. As you walk through the installation, people can read poems about their bravery written by my grade 5/6 class.

To help students further connect to their artwork and to add authenticity to the installation project, we had the great privilege of meeting with Dr. Richard Vedan, associate professor, and First Nations advisor at the University of British Columbia. 

Dr. Vedan shared his personal stories and taught my class about the meaning of the eagle feather and how it represents bravery and strength. The class also met with two Indigenous veterans, Brenda Morris, and David Ward to learn about their history as they were placing the poppies around City Hall. 

This installation project is a wonderful way for students to honour and remember veterans for Remembrance Day that will resonate with them for generations.

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