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Poppies at City Hall

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For the last six years, Carla Pace and her Grade 4/5 class at Shaughnessy Elementary School cover the front lawn at Vancouver City Hall with poppies to recognize Remembrance Day.

Ms. Pace shares her class was determined to bring the art installation to City Hall again this year to keep the same tradition alive.

Last week, students went to City Hall to begin setting up the installation. “They worked in small groups over the course of two days to ensure health and safety protocols were followed,” says Ms. Pace.

Along with the 3,500 poppies, students placed red feathers to acknowledge Indigenous veterans – and a new addition to the installation this year are purple poppies to represent animal victims.

“There are many amazing stories about how animals saved the lives of soldiers,” says Pace.

Ms. Pace and her class are proud to share the Remembrance Day installation for another year at Vancouver City Hall.

Lest We Forget.

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