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Parent Advisory Council

Kingsford-Smith has a very active and involved PAC. Executive positions are: Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Executive Chair: Nick Kumar

Secretary: Brenda Lui

Treasurer: Mandy Barta

Contact the PAC at

The Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Elementary Parent Advisory Committee’s (KSM PAC) mission is to support:

  1. Educational and individual development of students.
  2. The KSM student, staff and parent community engagement.
  3. The safety of our student and school staff.

We support the Mission through three main programs:

  1. Providing an advisory role to KSM staff and the Vancouver School Board.
  2. Supporting KSM school educational and development programs.
  3. Hosting KSM PAC community programs.

The PAC meetings are at 7pm on TEAMS and now in person, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. A link will be sent to parents in advance of the meeting.

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