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Grad 2020 Update

Dear Parents and Grads of 2020,

I hope that you and your loved ones are all keeping healthy and safe during extraordinary time.

I hope that you have been able to engage in the continuation of learning as provided by your teachers. Please do your best to take advantage of these opportunities as your teachers have put a lot of time and effort into engaging you in essential learning and preparing you for the next level of their various subject areas. We encourage you to continue to check in weekly with all of your teachers and communicate your circumstances and ability to complete assignments. As a staff we are mindful of the pressures and limitations you may be experiencing at home during this time.

As you are all aware, the current social distancing protocols implemented by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has limited gatherings and resulted in the closure of schools and the cancellation of many important school events and celebrations. The most significant event cancellations are the grad ceremonies and dinner dances which have been planned throughout the district - please see attached letter from the Vancouver School Board.

As per the attached letter, this year's grad recognition will look much different. With these restrictions in mind, I will continue to consult with your amazing grad committee and grad sponsors to provide our grads the best experience possible. We will be in contact with you with you shortly to provide further details.

Students, I wish you and your family strength and resilience and above all, good health during this time. I am sorry that your grad year is not what you had imagined. Please know that we are thinking about you lots.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

High regards,

Mr. Lauzon

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