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Students with the ability and interest in competing in the athletic program are urged to try out for the many school teams that compete in the Vancouver Secondary Schools Athletics Association (VSSAA). The actions of a student-athlete are a reflection of themselves, their team, their school, and their community. For more information regarding Tupper Athletics please contact the Athletic Director, Ms. E. Wong and Ms. A. Koyanagi

The choice of VSSAA teams that Tupper offers are as follows:



Rugby (Grades 8-12)                              Cross Country (Grade 8-12)       

Boys Volleyball (Grade 10-12)           Girls Volleyball (Grade 8-12)               


Girls Basketball (Grade 8-12)               Boys Basketball (Grade 8-12)

Wrestling (all grades Boys and Girls Divisions)

Girls Ice Hockey (Non VSSAA Sanctioned)

Table Tennis – All


Girls Soccer (Grade 8-12)                      Tennis – Grades 8-12     

Girls Softball (Grade 8-12)                   Track and Field (Grade 8-12)      

Rugby – Sr/Jr Boys                                 Boys Volleyball (Grade 8-9)

Ultimate (Grade 8-12)                  


Click link and it will take you to Vancouver Secondary Schools' Athletic Association

Once you are in the site, look to the right and click on the season and then the sport to find out the schedules for each sport

Students with the ability and interest in competing in athletics are encouraged to try out for the many athletic teams available at Tupper such as: Basketball, Co-Ed Ultimate, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, and or Wrestling.

A student is eligible according to the following age restrictions:


Under 19 on Dec. 31st of current school year, or later


Determined by individual leagues within above limit


Under 17 on Dec. 31st of current school year


Under 16 on Dec. 31st of current school year


Under 15 on Dec. 31st of current school year


As a necessary requirement of school teams entered in the Vancouver and District Inter-High School Athletic leagues, once a student indicates his/her intent of playing on the team it is vital that he/she stay with that team until its season has been completed.  The only exceptions to this situation occur if: a student fails to make the team's final selection of members, and/or, by mutual agreement of the coach and athlete , subject to decision by our school's Athletic Board, that the athlete be allowed to withdraw from the team.

Should a student fail to carry out his/her commitment to himself/herself, his/her teammates, and coach by missing practices or games without a valid reason, he/she will be less than fair to teammates and coach.  In such cases - and we expect non - the school's Athletic Board will rule on that individual student's eligibility for further teams.

A student shall represent the school in only one Vancouver Athletic Association sponsored sport during a season.  A student who is trying out for a team at the time the league organization meeting is held is committed to continuing with that team if selected.  Season limits were introduced for the purpose of increasing participation, helping a player full fill his/her commitment to his /her team and providing  for equitable competition.

Emphasis is on the playing the sport for enjoyment and fitness rather than the result. Competition is in the spirit of friendly rivalry.  Desirable sportsmanship and conduct on the part of the student is expected.

For Current information about existing teams and schedules, consult the VSSAA esports desk website at the link below  

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