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Parent Teacher Conference Registration Page

Parent-Teacher Conferences for Semester 2 will be on May 5 from 3 to 7pm.  

Registration will begin on April 19th, 2022 at 7am.

Instructions to schedule your appointments with your Child's teacher are as follows:

Parent Instructions Scheduling Parent Teacher Appointments.pdf
STEP 1: Go to
STEP 2: Click on the “Register” tab (top right corner) to create an account. Here you will be directed to provide a few pieces of information, as well as asked to provide a login name and password.  All previous accounts have been deleted.  Please create a new account.
STEP 3: Once registered, parents then log in using their login and password that they previously created. They click on “Insert New”. Insert your child’s first and last name then click on “Add New Student”. (If you have more than one child attending our school repeat this process).
STEP 4: Click on “Appointments” button to the right.
STEP 5: Select the teachers that you would like to make appointments with (up to 6) using the control key to select more than one.
STEP 6: Click on “View Calendars”
STEP 7: Select the available time slot that you desire for each teacher.
STEP 8: Click on “Book Appointments”
STEP 9: Click on “Print Appointments”
You are done!
If you wish to change or cancel appointments you may do so prior to 
Friday, April 29th by 4pm.  

Thank you for your cooperation.

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