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Course Planning

General Notes About Course Planning/Selection:

Course planning/selection is an activity that is coordinated by the counselling department.  Course planning/selection will begin in early February and all course selections are due to the student's counsellors by February 19, 2021.  

Course Planning/selection is a very important tool that the counselling department uses to help all students plan and set goals for their future education and careers.   The amount of choice in a student's course selection is dependent on their grade level.   As students get older the number of choices, in the form of electives, will increase accordingly.  During course selection each student, with the assistance of their counsellor and parents, will plan and choose courses that best fit their educational and career goals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the student's counsellor directly as we will then be able to answer any specific questions that may arise.

Enclosed is a link to our Course Selection Booklet that has information about programs, courses, and graduation requirements, as well as many other helpful links.

Presentation Slides for Course Planning (Updated for 2021-2022):

  • Grade 8 to 9 (Grad 2025) - 

Course Planning Resources:

Tupper Tech Program TT ppt 3 min no voice over.pptx

Course Planning Guide 2021-22

Dogwood Diploma Credits Verification Form

BC Grad requirements

Tupper Counselling Website, direct links to BC PSIs admissions pages

Education Planner BC

VSB Career Programs

Summer School Website (Opens late April each year)

Math Flow Chart (for post secondary institution admission)

BCeID Instructions

Click here for information about Verifying Course Requests from Student Family Portal

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