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English Language Learner

English as a Second Language

Ms. T. Baron | Department Head   

ELL Teachers

Ms. V. Roland

Ms. A. Miller

Mr. S. Coderre

Mr. G. MacMillan 

Ms. T. Baron

Mr. O. Kollar


ELL English Language Learners Local and International Programs

Sir Charles Tupper has an ESL/ELL Program which is very successfully supporting a wide range of resident and International students in their academic success. We do this by identifying individual student needs and designing a timetable to meet these needs. Our goal is to maximize the students’ exposure to academic English in order to ensure that they are adequately prepared for senior English courses, for courses that require a high level of English ability, and for success on the examinations that are needed for graduation and for admission to post-secondary schools.

Students are placed in ELL classes according to their level of achievement and comprehension in English, then by placement in courses needed for graduation credit.  Their level of achievement is determined by an analysis of their language acquisition progress according the BC Ministry ofEducation ELL Standards.  A student whose skill in English is that of a beginner - primary level student (Grades 1 - 2.5) is placed in ESL1; one whose comprehension is that of a lower to upper intermediate student (Grades 2.5 - 5) is placed in ESL2 or 3; one whose level is advanced level (Grade 5 - 7) is placed in Transitional.  Evaluation and progress are considered monthly by the ELL Department team. Students progress at their own pace; one level does not necessarily equate to one year.

Beginner Level Courses
ELL1 English , ELL1 Writing,
ELL1 Social Studies, ELL1 Science, and ELL Mathematics, if needed

Intermediate Level Courses
ELL2 or 3 English, ELL2 or 3Writing,
ELL2 or 3 Social Studies

Advanced - Transitional Courses
The Transitional English and Transitional Social Studies courses use texts from the regular English and Social Studies programs; however, the pace is usually slower, and there is more emphasis on vocabulary and basic English skills than there would be in a regular class.

Success in these courses leads directly to placement in regular courses. Grade level placement depends on the degree of success experienced by each student. 

ELC – English Language Centre  ELC is a class that gives continued growth and support in writing skills to Transitional English students and integrated students who need it. It is the final level of ELL support that a student receives before leaving the ELL program.


In addition to our regular ELL Program, we host two district programs to support resident English Language Learners with specific needs: the Literacy Program and the I-LEAD Program. Please contact the VSB District Reception and Placement Centre for information about program intake.

VSB ELL District Programs Pathways.pdf

District ELL programs for 2017-2018 .pdf

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