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Mathematics Department

Ms. W. Wong 
Ms. J. Chan
Mr. E. Jay
Ms. A. Krickan
Mr. D. Myers
Ms. M. Ramirez
Ms. E. Lau
Ms. Y. Lau
Mr. M. Williams

Math is one of the academic courses offered at Tupper. Students may choose from a wide selection of different math courses including Foundations math, Pre-calculus, Apprenticeship and Workplace math and Calculus.

All math courses have pre-requisites as the concepts are built on from previous math courses. When choosing math courses, please be sure to refer back to your university requirements. You do not need math 12 to graduate from high school but most universities require a math 12 course for admission. Students may opt to take double block math in grade 10 and 11 if they feel they need more time. Permission from teacher is required.

For advanced math, students may be promoted by teacher for honours classes. Honours math courses usually combine both Foundations and Pre-calculus courses together. Since these are two different courses, students may receive 8 credits for these courses. 

Students who are in grade 12 may take Calculus 12 but this course needs a previous knowledge of math 12 in order to understand the concepts taught in Calculus. Nevertheless, students may choose to take both Math 12 and Calculus 12 at the same time, with the teacher’s permission. Should space be limited, preference will be given to students who have completed Pre-Calculus 12. Please see the student’s math teacher for more information.

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