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Tupper Tech

Tupper Tech is a trade's transition course designed for academically and career focused Grade 12 students wishing to pursue a trade based apprenticeship.

Why does Sir Charles Tupper offer this program?
Many high school students take a general academic program and are unable to demonstrate any marketable "hard" skills when they graduate. Tupper Tech is intended for students who are:

  • considering academic studies at some future date but require a dependable, well paying career immediately
  • interested in the trades, but are unclear how to pursue this interest

Watch this short video about Tupper Tech click here.


Complete the TUPPER TECH APPLICATION FORM and submit to:  Mr. Evans, Instructor c/o the Main Office at Tupper or email to: Telephone No. 604-713-8233 Deadline to submit: March 1  
Take a Tour If you would like to visit Tupper Tech and spend some time with this year's students contact Mr. Russ Evans. For more information visit the Vancouver School Board Tupper Tech Page.

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