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Carleton Cunnningham eNews October 11, 2020

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Happy Thanksgiving Carleton/Cunningham Community.  I hope everyone has some time to reflect on what they are thankful for in these unique times and the opportunity to enjoy their family and friends even if it means we have to visit online or through a phone call. 


No School on Monday October 12th – Thanksgiving Holiday 


Option 4 Learning from Home students Teams Opportunities, please click the link to join when it is meeting time. 


Primary Music with our music teacher Ms. Neibel Friday’s 9am – 9:30am 

Intermediate Book Talk with our librarian Ms.  Cho  Friday’s 1:30pm – 2:00pm 

Primary Storytime with our librarian Ms. Bilg Wednesday’s 1:30pm – 2:00pm 




October 13th Return to school for some Option 4 students – If you responded to the email sent by the office by October 6h stating you would like your child to attend in-person learning, we are excited to welcome them to school on Tuesday morning.  You should have received an email from your child’s classroom teacher explaining where to bring your child in the morning.  Please ensure you have printed and signed the health check form emailed by the office.  If you are unable to print the form one will be given to your child on Tuesday, please sign it and return it by Wednesday.   


November 9th is the next opportunity for students learning from home to return to school.  An email from the office will be sent home a week before November 9th. If you would like your child to return on the 9th respond to that email, please do not just let you child’s classroom teacher know of your intentions, you must reply to the office email. 


Health and Safety Guidelines – A reminder that no parents/guardians or non-VSB staff are allowed in the building without an appointment.  Please do not walk into the building, also washrooms are not available to parents or guardians. 


Clothing – Reminder students spend every recess and lunch outside regardless of weather, due to health and safety protocols.  If you need help ensuring your child/ren are appropriately dress for the weather please don’t hesitate to let us know. 


Math Books – Some of our teachers are using a math workbook this year, you may have seen this charge on your child’s SchoolFees.   Your child will write in this book, as such we are asking for families to pay for the workbook since it cannot be re-used for other students.  Both learning from home and students attending school, will receive a book if their classroom teacher is choosing to use one.  We are waiting for delivery for our Primary Prism math books, this is why you may have seen a charge in your school fees but not received the math book.  Jump Math books have arrived and been distributed. If you are an Option 4 family we will arrange a pick-up time as soon as the math books arrive. 


Meet the Staff – We were unable to host a Meet the Staff event this year so instead we created a video to introduce our staff to families. You can view our video in the All Students Team each of your children are a part of.   To access the video, log-in to your child’s Teams click on the All Students Team.  Alternatively, here is the link Enjoy!  We hope to meet you all in person soon. 


Enjoy your long weekend. 


Adrienne Stewardson and Joe Maher 

Carleton/Cunningham Administrative Team 


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