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Carleton Heritage

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Ben Seghers - "I was a student at Carleton for 3 years graduating from Grade 6 in 1957.  I then moved on to Killarney and UBC and became a university professor.  In Grade 6 I won the school's annual oratorical contest which had a beautiful big trophy.  I was allowed to take it home for a week to show to friends and family.  I also received a personal small silver trophy engraved, "Benny Seghers, Oratorical Contest, Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School, 1957."

Although I am 75 now, I still remember the names of my principal and teachers.  I think they did a pretty good job of educating me!   Thank you Carleton!
Mr. Smith (Principal), Miss Horne, Miss Turnbull, Miss Rowntree, Mrs. Gilbert - Grade 6 teacher."

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