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Carleton eNews May 8 2020

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Carleton Principal Newsletter May 8, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!!

We are so fortunate to move into the Mother’s Day weekend with brilliant sun!  I hope that you and your families are able to enjoy this weekend outside at some point.

I continued to be enlightened and encouraged by your students as they provide laughter and wisdom online as well as handing in their assignments.  The teachers continue to learn at rapid rate using the online platform and am so proud of their progress.  In the midst of this difficult time a positive take away has been the way teachers and students have taken up the challenge to continue with the learning!

Thank you to parents who have responded to teachers’ requests in a timely manner.  We continue to monitor student attendance through contact with teachers.  If we do not receive a response, see students on Teams, or assignments are not handed in it is our obligation to follow up on families to ensure that they are safe.  You may receive a phone call from a private number that may be a teacher trying to connect.

Reminder that our Grocery Bag Pick-Up has changed to Tuesday.

Carleton Website Updates - I have been adding new items to our Carleton website.  Check out the classes and departments section for some Physical Education websites and some Music activities.  Also our librarian, Ms. Bilg, has been improving our library page. Did you know you can view past editions of the Principal letter under the eNews section at the bottom of the site? Keep checking for new ideas. 

Carleton Crazy Hat and Hair Day - Thank you to all our participants in Crazy Hat and Hair Day.  I have added some pictures to our website you can view them here.

Next week we continue with our Continuity of Learning programs.  Please check the VSB website for any further information.

I wish you all a healthy, happy weekend. 

Adrienne Stewardson Principal Carleton Elementary

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