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Carleton eNews May 15 2020

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Monday, May 18th is Victoria Day

There will be no online teaching for this statutory holiday.



I know everyone is wondering about the possible return to the school site in the near future.  At this time I do not have any information about what this will entail or look like.   The VSB has a district team working on implementing plans for moving forward and as soon as I have information I will communicate it with our community.  Please be patient as we navigate our next steps.  For next week, we are continuing with our online and home package learning. 


Today our staff participated in an Indigenous Education Focus Day.  We are leaving today with a wealth of knowledge and ideas.  We look forward to sharing this knowledge with your children in the future.  We spoke about the importance of nature and the opportunity to be outside. Please take some time this weekend to spend outside with your family and appreciate the beauty that is Vancouver. 



Adrienne Stewardson

Principal Carleton Elementary

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