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Carleton/Cunningham eNews February 28th, 2021

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Carleton/Cunningham has a new Twitter account @c2elementary

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Collectively at school and at home, everyone in our community is working hard to keep our community safe and healthy.  Please remind your children not to share their food with their friends or classmates at this time.  We understand sharing food is a way to show community, friendship and is an important cultural experience, however, at this time, to maintain our health, this isn’t something we are able to do.  We look forward to the days where we can enjoy the experience of food sharing – just not yet.  Thank you for speaking to your children about the importance of this issue.


Clothing – Remember to send your child with a change of clothes and appropriate outdoor wear for our breaks.  If you need help with getting clothing for your children let the office know.  We are able to help.



We are beginning to work on our planning for next school year and require accurate enrollment information. If your child is in Kindergarten to Grade 6 and you are NOT returning to Carleton/Cunningham for the 2021/2022 school year, please reply to this email or call the office.  Otherwise, we will assume your child is returning for 2021/2022 and count them in our enrollment statistics.


We hope you have a wonderful week.


Adrienne Stewardson and Joe Maher

Carleton/Cunningham Administrative Team


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