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Carleton/Cunningham E-News September 11, 2020

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September 14th – First full day of learning for mainstream grade 1-7 students

New Kindergarten and District programs please follow your gradual entry schedules.

Further information about Option 4 - Learning from Home, will be provided the week of September 14th.  

Option 4 - Learning from Home begins the week of September 21st.


We were so excited to see some students back in our school.  It was wonderful to see the students smiling, laughing and playing with their peers again.  All students returning in-person received a Health and Safety orientation from their classroom teacher, this included which doors to come in, which bathrooms to use, how and when to wash their hands correctly and many other important items specific to their classroom.  Including our new bell schedule with a split recess and lunch times.


It is vital that families also follow safe protocol when picking up and dropping off your children.  Please follow the below guidelines, it is essential for the health and safety of our school community.  


1.     No adults are allowed in the building without a prior appointment. If you require assistance please call the office to make an appointment.

2.     Now that you know where your child is to line up for drop-off and pick-up, allow your child to join their classroom line-up independently.  Adults should not be in the line-ups with the students.  If you would like to wait until your child’s teacher opens the door please do so from the sidewalk or from a safe distance away from other families.

3.     Only 1 adult per family when coming to school.  This is to reduce the number of people arriving at the school.  Consider allowing your child to enter the school yard independently to help reduce the number of people entering the yard.

4.     Please maintain 2m physical distance at all times while on the school grounds.

5.     Students are to remain at school the entire day (unless there is an emergency).  Please do not pick up your child to come home for lunch.

6.     It is extremely important you pick up and drop off your child on time 9am and 3pm.  Please leave the property promptly after drop off and pick up. We do not encourage congregating on school grounds.  If your child is arriving late to school you must come to the courtyard and wait at the outside doors.  A member of the office will meet your child and take them to class.  Please do not enter the building.


Thank you in advance for following the above guidelines and doing your part in keeping our community healthy.


Walk or Cycle to School - We strongly encourage families to walk or cycle  to school. Not only is it great for our health, but it is better for the environment and safer for students as they don’t have to worry about busy streets.  If this isn’t possible, do not use the back alley for pick up and drop, this area is too small for so many cars, it is a very serious safety hazard for our children who are coming to the school.


Snacks and Lunches - Please pack your child a nutritious snack and lunch and water bottle everyday they attend school.  Our students will be eating in their classroom, using a “pack-in/pack-out” style of eating.  This means they will be expected to bring home all of their garbage and compost from their lunches.  Please consider sending your child with re-usable containers.  They must be able to open their containers and packaging themselves. Don’t forget a fork or spoon or chopsticks, if necessary.   


Food Insecurity – We understand that some families in our community may be struggling with food insecurity.  Students need proper nutrition in order to learn and thrive.  If you are experiencing food insecurity and need assistance please reach out.  Carleton/Cunningham has lunches available for students whose families are experiencing food insecurity.  If you need help providing a lunch for your child please reply to this email with the name of your child/ren and I will ensure they are placed on our school lunch program.  They will receive a nutritious boxed lunch daily.


We are so happy to be able to begin a school year with students in our building. Let’s keep following the health guidelines to ensure we remain healthy and open for the benefit of our children and their education.


Have a wonderful weekend, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Adrienne Stewardson



Joe Maher 

Vice Principal

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