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Carleton/Cunningham eNews April 11, 2021

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It is looking like a wonderful week ahead with a lot of sunshine.  We are so used to saying dress for the rainy weather, it feels strange to suggest you send your child with a hat this week but if they are sensitive to the sun please do.  Teachers are unable to apply sunscreen to children regardless of age so if you would like your child to wear sunscreen, please apply it before they arrive at school.  We are looking forward to some beautiful fresh air learning this week.


Class Workshops – Some of our divisions have been hosting virtual workshops in their classrooms with outside groups – SPCA, the aquarium, Vancouver Opera etc.  These events are often in lieu of being able to go on fieldtrips this year.  Occasionally, there is a small fee for these presentations.  We are asking families to help out with the cost of these workshops similar to going on a fieldtrip.  If you child’s teacher has hosted one of these workshops or plans to host one, they will have sent home a notice explaining the cost and how to pay.  We are not accepting cash but are using the SchoolCashOnline site to make payments.  If you are unfamiliar with the service or need help paying any outstanding fees, please contact the office we are happy to help.  No child will be denied access to any opportunities due to financial insecurity.  If you are unable to pay for an item, please let the office know.  All information will be kept confidential.


Vision Screening – Typically schools host vision screening for our Kindergarten and Grade 1 students.  Due to CoVid, we are unable host these events this year.  However, it is important you have your child’s eyes checked at a young age to ensure they are developing properly.  Vision screening is free for children, we encourage every family to make an appointment at an optometrist to have their child’s eyes checked.  


School Art Projects 

            Welcome Post Carving in the Courtyard – Xwalacktun is a Squamish Nation artist carving a Welcome Post for our outdoor classroom which will be installed later this year.  He will be carving in the courtyard every Thursday until the end of June.  All of our students will have an opportunity to learn from Xwalacktun and help with the carving.  Please visit his website to learn more about our artist.


            Mural Painting Renewal – Fernanda Ribeiro, is repainting the murals in our school along the hall leading to the library and by the office entrance.  The previous murals were outdated and didn’t depict our student diversity very well.  Fernanda’s new design is about community, curiosity, friendship and learning.  Fernanda will be painting at the school for the next couple of weeks.  All of our students will have an opportunity to learn from Fernanda and help her paint our new murals. Please visit her website to learn more about her art. 

We are so excited to welcome two very talented artists to our school.  Check out our twitter feed @c2elementary to see some pictures of the work.


Enjoy the sunshine this week.  


Adrienne Stewardson and Joe Maher

Administrative Team


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