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District programs for grades 1-7 - registration open!

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The Vancouver School District offers a wide range of educational options for different types of learners. District programs include French Immersion, Mandarin Bilingual, Indigenous Focus, Montessori and Fine Arts.

District Programs

Early French Immersion
Late French Immersion (Grade 6)
Intensive French (Grade 6)
Montessori Program (grades 1-7)
Fine Arts Program (grades 1-7)
Early Mandarin Bilingual (Grade 1, grades 4-6*)
Mandarin Bilingual (Grade 4 , grades 5-6*)
Indigenous Focus (grades 1-7)

*an assessment is required

Registration Open

Registration is open between November 1 and January 31. Families who wish to register their children should:
1) complete the application form,
2) contact the school where the program takes place directly to make an appointment to submit the application, and

3) bring the form to the school office during your scheduled appointment

District program enrolment is not on a first-come, first-served basis. If a program does not have space for all students registering for it, children with a sibling already attending the program will be offered enrolment first. A random draw will then take place to determine placements and establish an ordered waitlist.

Find out more about District programs for grades 1-7 or attend an information session to learn more.

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