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McBride Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for children born in 2016 begins on November 1.

All kindergarten applicants are required to submit an application to their English catchment elementary school. This includes families who wish to apply for District programs (Early French Immersion, Montessori, Indigenous Focus School, Early Mandarin Bilingual, Nootka Fine Arts) and/or a cross boundary placement.

The priority registration period for kindergarten opens on November 1 and closes at 4 pm on January 29. Students who submit an application within this priority period will be accommodated before late applicants. 

Applying for kindergarten is a 2-step process:

Step 1: Completion of an online application form

Step 2: Verifying documentation

·      Contact your English catchment school office to set up an appointment to bring your supporting documentation

·      Bring supporting documentation to your English catchment school office during your scheduled appointment

Supporting Documents Needed:

1.     Proof of residence in Vancouver

2.     Child’s birth certificate

3.     Immigration documentation (if applicable)

4.     Immunization records

5.     Court orders/documents (if applicable)


If you want to apply for a District program or cross-boundary, you must first apply to your English catchment elementary school. Applications for District programs and cross boundary placements will begin to be accepted in early 2021.




Registering at the Annex or the Main School

McBride Main and McBride Annex share one common catchment area. Students who reside within this catchment area (in-catchment registrants) will receive priority for enrolment at one of the two school sites based upon available space.*

When completing a registration form, parents will be asked if they prefer the annex or the main school. The District will attempt to accommodate parental preferences for placement, once available space has been determined. 

At some sites there may be more in-catchment applicants than available space.* In these instances, the following process will be used to prioritize enrolment:

Kindergarten Applications Received Between November 1 and January 31

1.     In-catchment kindergarten registrants who have a sibling who is currently attending and who will continue to attend McBride Main and McBride Annex next year will be enrolled first at their preferred location.

2.     The names of all other in-catchment registrants will be entered into a random draw for the remaining kindergarten spaces. Students will be registered at their preferred location as space permits.

3.     Students who cannot be accommodated at their preferred location will be accommodated at the location that has space and placed on waitlist for their preferred location in the order in which their name is drawn.

4.     Between January 31st and the second Friday in June (when school organizations are finalized), students on the ordered waitlist will be offered spaces at their preferred location as space becomes available. This waitlist will remain active until September 17, 2021.

Kindergarten Registrations Received AFTER January 31

All in-catchment kindergarten applications received after January 31 will be registered at their preferred location, if there is space, or added to the bottom of the existing waitlist for their preferred location, and registered at the location that has space to accommodate them.

Please note: There will be no priority given to registrants with siblings already attending McBride Main and McBride Annex if they register after January 31.

* Available space includes physical capacity, resources, staffing, or educational programs available or planned for a school as defined by the District (Administrative Procedures 300).


For more information on kindergarten registration visit:

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