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McBride Hot Lunch

Please click on the link below to order:

Securely pay for your orders via Swipe online credit card payments.

NO cash or checks accepted

December ordering will CLOSE Sunday November 24th @ 9pm

Immediate payment required or your order may be cancelled.


Hot Lunch Volunteers Needed & please subscribe to our PAC mailing list. Email:

Please note if your child is ill or away on a lunch date: you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch or donate it to another child but we cannot keep the food for them for the next day. Consistent with previous years, there are NO REFUNDS as this is a PAC fundraiser. We appreciate your support for our hot lunch program as the funds go towards the schools needs and general fundraising within the school.

Thanks to the McBride parent community for supporting this important fundraiser and to our wonderful volunteers who help make this program a success!

Thank you, McBride PAC

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