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Snow Plan- Sir Richard McBride


 As we approach the Winter Season, it is important to review our procedures for emergency school closures. In the event of a major snow event, the movement of traffic can become severely hampered. It is likely that:


  1. There will only be a single lane plowed each way along major feeder routes to the school such as Knight Street.
  2. Streets around school will likely not be plowed.
  3. Parking will be almost non-existent along feeder routes; and
  4. There will be a high degree of anxiety and frustration on the part of drivers when regular driver patterns and access routes are compromised by significant accumulations of snow.


City of Vancouver have provided useful information on their respective websites to assist our community to prepare for and manage conditions related to snow and ice. Please see important links below.


City of Vancouver- Winter Response Plan


Snow Removal-City of Vancouver


VSB- Severe Weather Information


Our Facilities Planning and Maintenance Department has developed school-specific snow removal plans, which indicate areas that will be cleared by our snow removal contractors and our custodial team, and the approved ‘snow dump zones’ at each school site. 


Some important details:

  • In the event of heavy snowfall, please do your best to walk to school.
  • To facilitate the smooth flow of traffic during excessive snow, ALL parents who drive their children to school are encouraged to “Drive to 5”, park five minutes from the school, and walk.
  • We highly recommend that parents DO NOT drive directly to the school to minimize congestion and keep the streets safer for our students.
  • Any parents needing to park their vehicles should do so well away from the school and in designated parking areas.
  • Once at school, students should meet in their designated spots; and
  • All entrances will be open, and every effort will be made to clear multiple pathways and salt multiple entrances to the school. 


Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s safe travel to and from school. If for any reason there is concern that a child cannot travel safely, other arrangements should be made. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to establish an emergency plan for their children in the event that schools are closed, start late, or dismiss early.


Please ensure that your children are dressed appropriately to get to and from school.


Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!


Lindsay Thompson


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