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February 19, 2021 Laurier e-News

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Happy Lunar New Year! - Div. 11

Dear Laurier families,

Rain, Snow and Sun have made the Vancouver weather quite unpredictable! At Laurier, we go outside rain or shine, and it is very important that our students come to school every day dressed for the weather with extra clothing items in their backpacks.


-Daily Health Assessment Checklist: The newly revised checklist was sent to families last week. You can access this checklist here. We appreciate your continuous support to keep our community healthy and safe by following the instructions of the daily health assessment before sending your child(ren) to school. Any students new or returning to school are asked to bring a signed form to school on their first day in the classroom.

-3-Ply Masks: All of our students have received two blue 3-layer masks from the district for maximum protection. We are asking our families to keep the previous grey masks as backups. 


We are continuing at our school with different activities to highlight the importance of this month and and acknowledge the richness of our diverse community. Here are some examples of the work our students are doing at school:

Division 1: Important Figures in Black History

Division 2: A Global Voice Against Racism

Division 3: Reading and Discussing Rosa

Division 4: Immigration Project

Division 5: Weaving a traditional Salish pattern, using 2 cedar strips, 4 strips of cloth, 1 cloth square, 1 raffia ball, 2 plastic rings

Division 6: It's Okay To Be...

Division 7: Spreading Love and Empathy

Division 8: Reader Theatre Lunar New Year Plays

Division 9: Reading and Discussing Martin Luther King Jr.

Division 10: Cooperative Puzzle Celebrating A Brave Canadian, Viola Desmond

Division 11: Lanterns

Division 12: Colourful Hearts

Division 13: Laurier Eagle and The Dragons

Division 14: Black History Month and Social Justice


PAC currently has three fun/fundraisers, please see below for details or check out our website Photo Gallery, 50/50 Raffle, Purdy's Easter Sale. Our next PAC meeting will be online on Wednesday March 10 at 6:30 pm.  Please see website for past minutes and other details.

-Community gallery celebrating Lunar New Year / Hobiyee / Family Day 2021: Submit a photo of your family celebration and PAC will post it on our website.  Visit the website to see other members of our community.  There will be a draw for a $20 Purdy's gift card from all family photo contributions and a draw for a $20 Purdy's gift card from all staff photo contributions.  How to participate:

1. Send a photo of your family celebration by 2/28 to   Include the following:

a. Student Name and Division, or Staff Name:  This will not appear on the webpage but will be used to enter in the draw.  One entry per staff member or student.

b. Caption: <OPTIONAL, if you would like a caption to appear with the photo, then enter here.> Last day to submit: Sunday February 28, 2021

2. Visit PAC website to see the submissions

3. Draw will take place during March PAC meeting, along with the 50/50 draw

 It will not be the same as our usual in-person gathering, but hopefully we can stay connected while staying apart.

 -50/50 Raffle and poster contest: Happy 2021! To start off the new year, we are hosting a 50/50 raffle  - the prize money is currently $115, and there is less than 2 weeks left to get your raffle ticket! ** What is a "50-50 Raffle"? ** It's a simple lottery where all ticket money are pooled together into one pot. The raffle draw winner gets 50% of the pot, and the other 50% are applied to all Laurier students via funding classroom supplies and Earthbites. ** Ticket Prices ** Single ticket = $2 for 1 ticket Ticket pack = $5 for 3 tickets

Enter the free poster contest and get a free single ticket

 -Purdy’s Chocolate Spring/Easter Sale: Purchase Purdy’s chocolate for Easter and 25% of sales go to Laurier PAC. Order Deadline: Sunday March 7 2021

For more information about these fundraisers, please visit PAC website:

I wish you all a restful weekend. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at school if you have any questions.


Armin Samiei | Principal

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