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June 12, 2020 Laurier e-News

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Div. 10 - Gr. 1/2 - Ms. Moore: An outdoor obstacle course created at home by London 

Dear Laurier Community, 

With only two weeks left to the end of the school year 2019-2020, our staff continues to focus on student learning both in person and remotely, and is also very engaged with the year-end assessment of the learning that has happened since the beginning of the school year: Where were our students in September with their learning and where are they now? 

You will receive the progress reports during the last week of school. Our teachers will communicate the report card distribution plans to you via their usual modes of communication.

Please return Library books to school:

At this time, we still have 308 books missing and we need to have them returned to school as soon as possible. The deadline to return the books was June 8th and we hope to receive all the missing books before the end of the school year. Ms. Altman, our teacher librarian has posted a list of all items checked out on each class’ Teams or Website.  Please take a look and send the books back to Laurier.  How can you do that? If your child is attending class in person, they can drop them off in their classroom.  If your child is continuing online learning at home, there is a bin outside the main school doors 9am-3pm daily. We would much appreciate if you could take a walk or drive over to drop them off.  If you are unable to return your items please contact Ms. Altman at to let her know. All these books have been selected and bought with outmost care and attention and we would like to ensure that our inventory remains intact for the next school year, so that our students can enjoy and benefit from a collection of excellent reading materials. Thanks for your special attention to this case.

Grade 7 year-end ceremony:

Each school year, we say bye to our Grade 7 students and families, who finish their elementary school and are ready to start high school. This is a very special time of the year for everyone in our community. This year is no different and we will celebrate our students' achievements, but we will do it differently amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents have always been an integral part of the preparations that go toward these ceremonies. Many thanks to our Gr. 7 Leaving Ceremony Parent Team led by Ms. Anita Chui that is working on a year book for the Gr. 7 students, which can be collected with their report cards. Thanks to Ming Lee, Ming Ma, Ann Mukai, Elaine Lin, Norman Gee and Tenny Chui for their involvement with the year book project. School is creating a video that will be sent to our Gr. 7 students and they can watch it with their families. Students will also receive their Gr. 7 certificate of completion with their report cards. 

We  have also heard from Churchill that the school is working on a video intro to the Gr. 7 students from their student council. They have also confirmed the Gr. 8 placement with families and are planning to have students in the school the week before classes start. If your child is attending other VSB schools in September, please contact them directly for any information.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I hope you have a sunny and restful weekend.


Armin Samiei


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