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June 19, 2020 Laurier e-News

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Dear Laurier Community,

I would like to dedicate this e-News to our PAC Executives and the many parent volunteers at Laurier, whose countless hours of work and dedication have opened the doors to new possibilities for our students.

On behalf of the students and staff of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, I want to thank you for volunteering so generously during the past school year. I know your time is valuable, and your willingness to contribute some of that valuable time to our school shows your commitment to the well-being of your child and all of our students.

The contributions you have made by helping coordinate the hot lunch program, the movie nights, the craft fairs, the multicultural events and assisting with many other school activities and raising funds to sponsor programs and other initiatives have really made a difference in our students’ educational experiences at Laurier.

As you know, students, staff, and parents here at Sir Wilfrid Laurier enjoy a warm, caring community that fosters the highest standards of academic, social, and emotional growth. The efforts of volunteers like you are a vital part of that community.
Thank you again, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the near future.



Ms. Ann Mukai: I have had the pleasure of working with Ann in her role as a PAC Chair in the past two years. During these years, I have always been impressed by Ann's calm, gentle and thoughtful leadership. Many thanks for all your hard work Ann and the countless hours that you have spent on different projects at Laurier.

Ms. Emily Tsen: I have worked with Emily in her position of Laurier PAC Treasurer. Emily's skills and knowledge combined with her sense of humour brought so much precision and positive energy in the discussions of the PAC financial possibilities. Thanks Emily for your dedication to our school.

Ms. Anita Chui: Anita's dedication and contributions to Laurier Elementary has been ongoing as long as she has been a member of this community. She is always available and ready to help. I hear from everyone that Anita has been the force behind our lunch program, which has funded many initiatives at Laurier. It has been a joy working with you Anita and I always enjoyed to answer your thought provoking questions! We will miss you, but I know you will continue to be a very active member at Churchill! They are lucky to have you there! 

Ms. Anita Parkinson, Ms. Donna Lei and Mr. David Shih: Anita, Donna and David, many thanks for all your hard work this year as the PAC Vice-Chair, the Secretary and Event Coordinator. I am looking forward to continuing to work with you next school year in your new executive roles. 

Hot Lunch Team: Many thanks to Katy Won, Winola Chu, Kate Chang and Stephan Tollenaar for their leadership and time and effort in coordinating our hot lunch program at Laurier. This is a major fundraising event in our school that sponsor our outdoor gardening program.

Sports Day Coordinator: Thanks Joey and Nadine Wesley for your willingness to support our school events. I hope I have a chance to work with you next school year.


Many thanks to the following Parent Volunteers for contributing their time and energy to our school: Angel Zeng, Anita Chui, Anita Parkinson, Ann Mukai, Anthony Leung, Axel Schaefer, Cameron Clow, Carol Kwong, Carolyn Yeung, Carrie Tam, Chris Oliver, Chris Qiu, Christina Ding, Chu Gao, David Shih, Donna Lei, Eiko Macrae, Emily Tsen, Helen, Jennie Chu Gao, Jia Hu, Joe Qui, Jose Forentins N. Ma, Joyce Lai, Kate Chang, Katy Won, Kelly HUANG, Koon Chan, Kwong Ping (Carol) Chan, Landy Duan, Leslie Situ, Miranda Lam, Natsuko Fujii, Niki Boyd, Ping Chan, Ping Z., Pushpinder, Rafael Future, Sam Cho, Saquib Anwar, Shilpa Rajput, Stephan Tollenaar, Tenny Chui, Vicky Wei, Winola Chu, Winter Li.

My apologies as I am sure that many names may be missing from the above list. In fact, all Laurier parents and guardians should be named here, as they have been helping us raise and educate Supportive, Open-minded, Awesome and Respectful students. It takes a village to raise a child and I would like to thank every one of you for your collaboration and support throughout the school year.


Armin Samiei


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