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June 25, 2020 Laurier e-News

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A message from Samantha from Div. 10 as we are ending the school year 2019-2020 and beginning our summer holidays!

Dear Laurier Community,

And here we are on the last day of school year 2019-2020! What a special year we all had and how impressed we are with our students, who continued to SOAR - being Supportive, Open-Minded, Awesome and Respectful -- during these challenging times. Our gratitude goes to our Parent/Guardian community for their continuous support throughout the school year and for their understanding and collaboration during the last term of school. I would also like to thank the staff members at Laurier for going above and beyond in order to stay connected with their students and families during the remote learning: Learning Never Stops At Laurier! 

Jacqueline from Div. 10 explains her understanding of fractions for an online project assignment.mp4 - Please click on the link to listen to Jacqueline!

This week, your child(ren) received their year-end progress report cards that showcased their learning throughout the school year: Where were they in September? Where are they now? In their reports, teachers have included some recommendations as how you can continue to support your children by engaging them in a variety of summer activities.

SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021:

As you all know, at this time, we are uncertain what the 2020 school year will look like. Please continue to check the VSB website for any new developments and updates at the following link:  Vancouver School Board Website and follow the provincial health and education authorities for any further decisions with regard to the school status in September 2020. You will be informed as soon as the Ministry, operating under the guidance from the British Columbia Public Health Officer (PHO) gives us an update regarding COVID-19 and what schools will look like as well as the procedures schools will have to follow. Thank you for your patience while we wait for district information about our opening in the Fall.

The Laurier school building is closed during the summer holiday for deep cleaning and maintenance and the school office will reopen on Monday, March 31, 2020. The school year 2020-2021 will begin on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Please click on the following links for important information with regard to school year 2020-2021:

Laurier 2020-2021 Bell Schedule  

Laurier 2020-2021 First Week Schedule for Gr. 1-7

Laurier 2020 New K Gradual Entry Schedule 

Laurier 2020-2021 Morning & Afternoon Supervision 

Laurier 2020-2021 School Calendar - (Previously shared in e-News)

Laurier 2020-2021 School Fee - (Previously shared in e-News)

Laurier 2020 Notice for Late Return Form - (Previously emailed)

2020-2021 Staff News:

-A Fond Farewell – Thank you! 

We would like to express our gratitude to our departing staff members and wish them all the best in their new endeavours, roles and schools: 

-Congratulations to Ms. Karen Vanjoff as she is retiring at the end of this school year. Many thanks to Karen for many years of service with VSB and her commitment to her students. We wish her all the best in this new chapter of her life. 

-Our thanks to Ms. Joyce Shih, who job shared with the two Ms. Lee's on Monday/Thursday mornings and Fridays. We thank her for her contributions to our school and wish her all the best in her professional journey.

-Many thanks to Ms. Janie Lo and Ms. Darina Lynch, who completed their temporary assignments at Laurier. We thank them for their contributions to the Laurier community and wish them the best in their new roles.

-Welcome to Our New Staff Member:

With our growing numbers, we will have one more division at Laurier in 2020-2021, and therefore a new staff member! Welcome to our newest member, Ms. Bronagh Kehler, who is not unknown to our community, as she had worked in the past at Laurier covering for two Laurier Teachers. We wish Ms. Kehler the best as she settles down in her new school and role. 

-Good News:

Congratulations to Ms. Andrea Millman and her husband Joe, as they welcomed their new baby daughter, Eliana (Ellie) into the world on June 18th. They are all happy, healthy and doing well! We wish them all a great summer as they enjoy this beautiful new addition to their family.

Congratulations also to Ms. Aimee Boucher and her husband Noel, as they are expecting a new baby in September. We wish them health and happiness, as they are preparing for the arrival of their new baby.

Both teachers will be covered by new teachers, while on maternity leaves.

At this time, all of our other staff members, teaching and support staff are expected to return to Laurier in September 2020.


Dear Laurier Community,

We made it - together!  Congratulations to all families and staff for getting our kids through another year of school. It is definitely an end-of-school to remember.

Good luck to all the students who are moving onto high school (and to your parents too).  We will miss you - come back and visit.

Please find our end of year summary at the following link: Laurier PAC Year-End Summary

Stay safe and have a good summer.

Laurier PAC


I would like to send our best wishes to our Gr. 7 students and families as they are leaving us for high school and welcome our new Kindergarten students and families to our community. As we are ending another school year, I wish you all a wonderful, sunny, healthy and happy Summer! 

As Doctor Bonnie Henry Says: Be kind, Be calm, Be Safe.


Armin Samiei


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