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May 8, 2020 Laurier e-News

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Shezia's drawing of her happy and united school! Div. 11 - Gr. 1/2 - Ms. V. Lee/Ms. Shih

Dear Laurier Community,

I hope that you are all healthy and safe. During these uncertain times, we can be sure of certain things like family and close friends, and to this I add our school community!  Many thanks to our PAC and parent community for your beautiful e-card and kind message that was sent to our staff members on the weekend. We are grateful that we work with an understanding and supportive community of students and families.

With the latest developments and the B.C. government's plans to reopen schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I know that many of our parents and students are anxiously waiting for the news on when schools reopen and how this will look like. Our district continues to focus on health and safety as the top priority in their planning and information will be shared with you as soon as plans and guidelines are finalized.

Assessment of Learning:

Please check the following link on assessment of learning, where you can find details about assessment and reporting during remote learning:

Tips for Families:

A two page document on Tips for Families (Learning from Home) and information on Children and Youth and Adult and Family resources, which was sent to you earlier via email can be accessed again at the following link:   Tips for Families

SOARing Students:

Samantha's SOARS When She Writes by Herself! - Div. 10

Samantha from Div. 10, Ms. Moore's Gr. 1/2 class chose this writing topic from the literacy page of her class website and posted it as a work she was proud of. She wrote, “ I chose this because I want to tell you how I am SOARing at home when I am still doing school (when you are not really watching me)”

Danise's Netiquette Poster - Div. 3

Danise from Div. 3, Ms. P. Lee's and Ms. Shih's Gr. 6 class has created a Netiquette Poster to continue to SOAR online!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Grandmas, Mother Figures, Step Moms, Moms-to-Be and all the Dads out there that are doing the Mother and Father jobs! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and receives lots of hugs in their Bubbles!

Happiness -- A Mother's Day Song for You! By Ms. Chung

Happy Mother's Day Poem By Ms. Murphy

Mother's Day Paragraph By Jacqueline - Div. 3 - Ms. P. Lee

I wish you all a weekend filled with sunshine and pleasant moments.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Armin Samiei - Principal

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