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House Color Challenge Sept.28 "Bike to School Week"

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As we did in the previous year, students, families and staff will remain in the same house color for their duration of learning at Van Horne
Elementary. All new students and staff have now been added to their new house color. Your teacher will have an updated list. When
you login into TEAMS you will see your house color channel. If you don’t see your house color channel on TEAMS, please send Ms.
Cianelli and email at Our house colors are Green, Yellow, Red and Purple

Our first challenge will take place the week of Sept. 28th. “Bike to School Week”

Hey kids, why can't a bike stand up by itself? Because it's two-tired! Next week is "Bike to School Week". Come with your bikes as many
times you can, track your trips in your classroom, and get some great prizes, such as Athletic Masks, Gift Cards and Cineplex passes.
Also, whichever school house has the most bike rides for the week will be awarded extra points! " 

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