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Chalk Art Awards

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The Van Horne School Street Pilot Program began last week.

43rd Avenue between Ontario and Manitoba is closed from 8:40am to 9:10am and 2:40pm to 3:10 pm from April 12th - May 7th. This pilot program is a joint effort between the Vancouver School Board and the City of Vancouver with the hope of decreasing traffic around the school, increasing safety for commuting children and parents, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions for our environment  


PAC coordinated a fun art initiative, inviting Van Horne students to safely decorate the closed street with beautiful works of chalk art!


Votes were tallied and winners were selected in various categories. Congrats to the following students for creating some truly unique works of art!

·       BEST IN SHOW: Matthew (Div 10)

·       BEST FLOWER: Christina (Div 1)

·       BEST ANIMAL: Leo (Div 12)

·       BEST BICYCLE: Hazel (Div 14)

·       BEST VIDEO GAME DESIGN: Charlize (Div 1)

·       BEST GEOMETRIC DESIGN: Ella (Div 5)

·       BEST COMMUNITY DESIGN: Quin (Div 6)

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