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Students and Coaches are so excited to be starting another great season of basketball. The student have already started to practice and we are very excited to start the season back in full swing in January. Coaches and practices as follows:

Junior Girls Coach, Mr. Stephen Leung
Practices: Monday mornings, Tuesday mornings Game
Day: Tuesdays

Junior Boys Coach, Mr. Miller
Practices: Fridays at lunch and open gym during the week
at lunch time. Game Day: Mondays

Senior Boys Coach, Mr. Finucane
Practices: Wednesday mornings, Thursdays at lunch and
also open gym during some days during the week at lunch.
Game Day: Wednesdays

Senior Girls Coach, Mr. Finucane
Practices: Thursday mornings, Wednesdays at lunch and
open gym during the week during lunch time. Game Day:

*Additional practices may be announced.
**Attendance at practices are mandatory.

Games Schedule: will be coming out soon. 

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