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Grade 11 Information

Welcome to Grade 11!

Please visit the school calendar regularly to stay up-to-date on special events and activities.

Upcoming Info Sessions

Nursing Requisite Skills and Abilities:

Is a career as a registered nurse right for you? Are you right for nursing? The College of Registered Nurses of BC has put together an information booklet on required skills & abilities. For students considering a nursing career, this might help support or refute that idea.

Go to Required Skills


Tips for Researching Scholarships/Awards: For tips, suggestions and website listings, go to

The “Starting Point Scholarship Booklet” has been put together with some tips and suggestions to get you started with your research. Please go here for booklet on tips.

Browse a listing of awards we have heard about, updated Jan/14

Post-Secondary and Career Information

Churchill hosts many post-secondary information sessions throughout the year and students are invited to attend numerous Career Fairs.  For more information, please visit Churchill’s Career Centre website at

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to make a difference in your community and fulfill volunteer requirements for graduation. For more information, please visit the volunteer section of Churchill’s Career Centre website at

Leadership Opportunities

Help your grade 11 student explore his/her potential and take on new challenges… check out these links to some great leadership and enrichment opportunities.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Catching the Spirit Youth Society-

Shad Valley


Churchill has six counselors; one dedicated to each grade, plus an ESL/Ideal Mini School counselor. The counselors are available to help and support students and parents and they offer confidential personal, family, social, academic and career counseling. This year’s Grade 11 counselor will become the Grade 12 counselor next year, and so on, thus maintaining continuity with you and the students throughout their high school career.


If you have any questions, to contact the PAC Executive at  comments, concerns or would like to get involved in the Parent Advisory Council, you are invited or you can contact your Grade 11 Parent Representative directly.

Your Grade 11 parent representative is:

Meiling Fang

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