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PAC Safety Blog

Constable Ben Moon-Wong is our School Liaison Officer from the Vancouver Police Department. If you have any concerns, he is at our school from Monday to Thursday, during school hours.  

The School Liaison Officer program combines education, investigation, law enforcement, counseling, crime prevention and community relations to meet the diverse needs of residents in the school community. The program's users include students, staff, parents, the community, the VPD and School Liaison Officers. This unit consists of one sergeant and 15 constables.

The common goals of Canadian School Liaison programs are:

  • prevention of crime and the enhancement of community safety through education
  • promotion of the police as an accessible community service
  • elimination of barriers between youth and police
  • investigation of offences and enforcement of laws
  • promotion of policing as a career

Functions of School Liaison Officers

School Liaison Officers:

  • deliver safety and crime prevention lessons to students, staff and parents
  • act as a legal resource to students, administrators and staff
  • counsel and talk informally with students
  • work to enhance the safety and security of the school
  • coach teams, join clubs and escort field trips
  • investigate criminal offences relating to the school and its population
  • serve as a liaison between the school and the criminal justice system
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