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Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose

Churchill’s Code of Conduct provides a framework to ensure that success and achievement are reached through courtesy, consideration, constructive behavior and common sense. All members of the Churchill community will work to establish and maintain a safe, caring, and orderly environment for purposeful learning.

These expectations apply:

  • at school, during school-organized or sponsored activities,
  • after school in our school community
  • beyond school time, including on-line

Any behavior that has a negative impact on the safe, caring and orderly environment of the school, and/or student learning breaches our Code of Conduct.

Churchill promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation – in respect of discriminatory publication and discrimination in accommodation, service, and facility in the school environment.



A.   As a Churchill student you need to:

   1.  Participate in the school community.

·       Gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become a responsible and successful citizen.

·       Conduct yourself in a manner that brings credit to your school.

·       Support the democratic process through student elections.

    2.   Be respectful and kind to others. 

·       Respect differences among people, including their ideas and opinions.

·       Treat others with respect and dignity regardless of race, ancestry and place of origin, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, colour and disability.

·       Resolve conflicts and differences with respect and in a non-violent way.

·       Involve a mediator if necessary.

·       Demonstrate honesty and integrity.

    3.  Contribute to a safe and secure school environment.

·       Keep people and property safe and secure.

·       Know the school safety procedures for fire, earthquake evacuation or school lockdown.

·       Be familiar with the location of safety equipment.

·       Promptly report any situation or behaviour that could put people and property at risk. Place litter in garbage receptacles, and use recycling receptacles for re-useable items.

    4.   Attend school regularly, be punctual and take responsibility for your  studies.

·       Maintain a positive attitude by communicating in the language of instruction.

·       Use personal entertainment/ communication devices, and electronic devices only when allowed by the teacher.

·       Follow computer and online resource policies.

·       Dress safely and appropriately: in a manner that does not promote alcohol or drugs, display offensive language or images, encourage discrimination, or otherwise distract, disturb or offend others.

    5.   Respect the learning environment.

·       Remain in class during instructional time.

·       Remain in the library or cafeteria during study blocks.

·       Do not interrupt or interfere with classes that are in session.


B.   The school forbids:

1. Physical violence, intimidation or threats including cyber-bullying.

2. Possession and/or use of illegal or restricted drugs including alcohol, cigarettes, or e-cigarettes

3. Transport or possession of any weapon, potential weapon, or simulated weapon.

4. Verbal abuse, profanity, racist or sexist language.

5. Plagiarism, vandalism and theft.

6. Defiance of school authorities.


Consequences and Disciplinary Procedures

A breach of these rules, including the defiance of school authority, will be viewed seriously.  It may result in a disciplinary record, suspension, transfer or a combination of these consequences. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the school to involve the participation of parents/guardians, subject teachers, counselors, administrators, VSB officials, community agencies and the police. Discipline can take a variety of forms, including reprimand, detention, service work and loss of privileges. The school will treat seriously behavior or communication that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation (prohibited grounds set out in the BC Human Rights Code). The school will take all reasonable steps to prevent any form of retaliation against a student who makes a complaint regarding a breach of our code of conduct.


Rising Expectations and Consequence

Disciplinary action, wherever possible, is restorative, rather than punitive.  As students become older, more mature, and move through successive grades, there is an expectation of increased personal responsibility and self-discipline.



School officials have a responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches of the code of conduct. These parties may include staff, parents/guardians of a student, offender, parents/guardians of a student victim, school district officials, police and/or other agencies as required by law.


 School Regulations – Student Code of Conduct - Translated








A. 作为温斯顿丘吉尔中学的学生,你需: 

  • 参与学校社区。
  • 尊重与亲善他人。
  • 致力于安全与有保障的学校环境。
  • 正常上学、准时到校,并为你的学习负责。
  • 尊重学习环境。

·         获得成为一个负责与成功的公民知识、技能与态度。

·         以为学校增光方式去表现自己的行为。

·         通过学生选举支持民主进程。 

·         尊重他人,包括尊重他们分歧的想法与观点。

·         尊重并有尊严地对待他人,无分种族、血统、出生地、国籍、宗教、性别、性取向、年龄、肤色和残疾。

·         以尊重和非暴力的方式解决冲突和差异。 

·         必要时含括一位中立的调解员。

  • 展现诚实和正直。 

·         维护人与财物安全。

·         认识学校的火灾、地震疏散或校园关闭时的安全程序。

·         熟知安全设备的位置。

·         迅速报告任何可能会使人和财物处于危险的情况或行为。

·         将垃圾放在垃圾桶。

·         可重新使用的东西放在废物回收桶内。

·         在教学语言的沟通中保持积极的态度。

·         只当老师允许时才使用个人娱乐/通信设备和电子词典。

·         遵循计算机和网上资源的政策。注意穿着安全,以不会让人分心、干扰或冒犯他人的方式着装。 

·         上课期间留在教室中。

·         自习期间留在图书馆或自助餐厅里。

  • 不要干扰正在进行中的课程。

B. 学校禁止:

1.     人身暴力、恐吓或威胁,包括网络欺凌。

2.     持有和/或使用非法或违禁药物,包括酒精和香烟。

3.     携带或藏有武器或仿真武器。

4.     谩骂、亵渎、种族或性别歧视的语言。

5.     剽窃、破坏和盗窃。

  • 蔑视学校当局。








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