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English Language Learner

ESL students are individually assessed upon arrival at the District Placement Centre to best determine their course and level placement. Churchill’s ESL program is divided into language ability levels; the number of levels is subject to change, depending upon the needs of the students. Churchill also offers a Transitional program to assist students almost ready for the regular program, and English Language Centre blocks to assist students newly enrolled in regular English courses.

The ESL program consists of adapted courses in English, Reading, Social Studies and Science at two different levels and for both junior and senior students. Math, P.E. and electives are taken in regular courses. According to demand, some special "ESL Elective" courses are also offered. Language courses such as French, Spanish and Japanese are usually delayed until students have left the ESL program.

ESL Level 1 Jr and Sr students study English, Reading, Social Studies, and Science. ESL Level 2 students meet with a variety of ESL teachers. Teachers use a language-in-content approach where the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are taught while supporting the students’ learning in different subject areas. ESL teachers use a variety of resources, writing and communication activities to assist students acquire English language skills.

ESL Planning 10 is offered to senior ESL students enrolled in ESL 2 in Grades 10, 11 and 12.ESL students take: ESL English, ESL Reading, ESL Planning 10, ESL Science, ESL Social Studies, a PE elective, and a Math Elective.

Students are integrated into Transitional English, Science and Social Studies courses as soon as they are ready to manage the linguistic demands of the curriculum. Assessment is ongoing and promotion into Transitional or age/grade appropriate courses is determined on an individual basis and also on course availability.

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