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Prelude Program

September 29, 2021

Prelude is a school-based program focused on international and local community and independent inquiry.  It is not a district program. Only students in the Churchill catchment may be admitted to the Prelude Program.

Prelude has never been affiliated with IB--it is not a Middle Years or Pre-IB program.  For details about IB, please visit the IB page

The information night for the 2022-2023 program will be on January 6, 2022 at 7pm on Teams.  Details to come.  The application form for the program will be made available immediately after the information session.  

Applications will be due on Monday, January 17th, 2022 by 8:40am in the Main Office.  

Prelude Learner Profile: Prelude Learner Profile B&W.pdf


1. Can International Students apply to the Prelude program?

Yes!  International students can apply to Prelude so long as they, like all students, live in the Churchill catchment at the time of application.  Please be aware that International students may not, at this time, apply to the IB program, even if they are in the Prelude program.  This is a district mandate.  

2. Can a student who lives in the Churchill catchment but does not currently attend Churchill apply for the Prelude Program?

Yes!  So long as a student lives in the Churchill catchment at the time of application he, she, or they may apply to the program.  

3. Do students in Prelude still have to apply to IB if they wish to enter the IB program?

Yes.  Prelude is not an IB program.  All students who wish to enrol in the IB program for grade 11 (Year 1) must apply in grade 10.  No student is given preference over another based on the student's grade 10 program choice.

4. If my child's sibling was in Prelude, does that mean that my other child will get in as well?

No.  All applicants are considered on an individual basis.  

5. What kind of supports might a Prelude student need at home?

Students most often, but not always, need support in managing time and ensuring healthy practices such as sleep, time with friends, and play.  They also need support in focusing more on feedback and goals than on grades. 

6. What makes Prelude different from other program options?

Prelude has two unique courses--International Studies and Leadership--that are focused on citizenship, empathy-building, collaboration, communication, and independent learning.  Prelude courses move at a faster pace and the assignments are larger in terms of scope and depth.  Students, as well, benefit from working in a consistent cohort of folks.  They also receive mentorship from senior students--many of whom have been through the Prelude program as well.    

7. Are references required or considered?

No.  A survey is sent out to the current teachers of the applicant.  If we have further questions, we may ask to speak with the applicant or the grade counsellor.  


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