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Student Leadership Club at Southlands Elementary celebrates World Kindness Day

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Students in the Leadership Club at Southlands Elementary dedicate their lunch breaks to practise public speaking, plan school spirit activities and discuss how to make the world a better place.

One of their activities is to mark World Kindness Day, which takes place today on November 13. To remind everyone to be kind and supportive of others, they developed classroom posters. Before the Student Leadership Club started making the posters, Margaret Paxton, the school principal and club coordinator asked them to think about what kindness truly means.

Here is what some students said:

“On World Kindness Day, we are reminded that everyone matters. We can appreciate other people for who they are. We are reminded to respect each other’s opinions, include others in our play, and stand up for anyone who is being put down.” – Karissa Lin, Grade 5

“To me, World Kindness Day is about being kind to the earth by protecting it, reducing pollution and planting trees.” – William McCarthy, Grade 5

“On World Kindness Day, we remember to be kind to each other. It is so important and sometimes we forget how. It’s important to take a day for the whole world to celebrate kindness.” – Nicki, Grade 7

The Vancouver School District wishes everyone a wonderful #WorldKindnessDay!

Looking for new ways to spread kindness? The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has put together tips to #MakeKindnessTheNorm, check them out at:

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