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Fundraisers and Donation

Are you about to launch your 2021 planting? West Coast Seeds is offering a great selection of untreated, non-GMO seeds for your garden and there is still time to click and order before the February 16 deadline. Southlands will earn 40% from each sale: it is a PLA(e)NTiful way to raise funds for our outdoor and gardening projects.

Unsure which seeds you can start now? Check out their article on Seeds for an Early Start: pepper, lavender, lemongrass - all are available through the WCS fundraiser website. Or choose other 'normal/late' start seeds from their beautiful catalogue - whatever appeals to your grower's soul.

You can also order the seeds via sending us ( your completed electronic order form. If you are placing an order yourself online - please remember to choose "Southlands Elementary School" from the dropdown menu. We will be also sending the seeds order paper forms in the backpack mail this week, so please keep an eye on those.

Last week you received the Purdys Easter Chocolates Catalogues and paper order forms in your child(ren)'s backpack mail. Our traditional bi-annual 'sweet' fundraising campaign with Purdys is back and available for joining! If you are looking for simple but elegant Easter gifts for your family, friends, co-workers, or just a treat for yourself, Purdys Chocolates is a great option, and also a nice way to support our school. Southlands gets 25% from the orders, and we already started moving up on our Fundraising Goal. Thanks to our first sweet supporters! You can order using the paper form sent in the backpack mail Or you can order line:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account or create one
  3. If promopted, enter customer number #6421 for Southlands Fundraiser
  4. Please fill out Student Name and Division # under Additional Information
  5. Place your order

The fundraiser is open till Mar 8 with delivery happening around Mar 31 (after Spring Break).

Message from the Southlands PAC:

For the 2020/2021 School Year, all funds received online to "E-Southlands PAC" or by cheque payable to "Southlands Elementary School" will be held in a VSB Southlands PAC account.

In October 2018, the Vancouver School Board set new guidelines to obtain a charitable donation tax receipt. In order to receive an immediate donation tax receipt, please follow Option 1 below:

Option 1: Online go to:

  • choose from a list of donated amounts, or enter a specific amount
  • choose “fund destination” in the drop down menu option “E - Southlands PAC” 
  • in the “Message” field please note where the funds are to be directed
  • click “add to cart” 
  • if you do not have a school cash online account, you need to “click here to register now”
  • once payment is complete, you will receive an automatic tax receipt via email

Options 2 : Cheques or cash will also be accepted.

Thank you in advance for all your support!

All inquires to:

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