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Program of Inquiry

The International Baccalaureate Organization provides a framework for teachers to use when developing a Program of Inquiry for learners. The framework outlines transdisciplinary themes, key concepts, approaches to learning, and learner profile attributes.

Teachers use the framework to develop Units of Inquiry that are customized to their school setting and students. Southlands teachers have worked collaboratively to create the Program of Inquiry below.

If your child is in a combined class this year, they will cover some central ideas from one grade and some central ideas from the other. We ensure all six transdisciplinary themes are covered during the year and we adapt the units to fit the interests and abilities of the students in the class. Inquiry based learning focuses on skills and concepts, rather than specific facts and ideas, so there is no disadvantage to your childʼs learning if central ideas planned for one grade are covered in a different grade, as will be the case for combined classes. Your childʼs teacher will ensure the five approaches to learning (thinking, social, communication, self- management, and research) and the seven key concepts (form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, and responsibility) are explored during the year.

2021 - 2022 Programme of Inquiry

Right now (April 2022), students are inquiring into:


How the World Works: Living things respond and adapt to change.

  • life cycles and what living things need to grow and survive
  • observing and measuring growth and change in living things
  • role of pollinating insects and their effects on plant growth

Grade 1/2

How the World Works: Access to water is essential for life.

  • the importance of water for life
  • the relationship between people and the environment
  • knowledge of life cycles and stewardship

Grade 3/4

How We Express Ourselves: Heroes influence and inspire us.

  • decision-making processes
  • influence of experience on values
  • persuasive and narrative writing

Grade 4/5 and 5/6

Sharing the Planet: Geography determines economic interests.

  • the use of natural resources for consumption
  • the effects of resource distribution on economic interests and public opinion
  • sustainable use of resources

Grade 6/7

Who We Are: Ingenuity optimizes survival in a variety of environments.

  • anthropological origins of humans
  • survival needs and interactions between humans and the environment
  • how healthy choices in nutrition and exercise enable us to be more successful in our day to day lives

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